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Monday, October 1, 2007

Briko Switcher

Black frame with 2 sets of lenses:
G0 Polar Brown: Lense Transmission 11, Excellent under strong-light condition or near water.
B7 ThramaHC+ : Lense Transmission 47, Protection Class 1.

Thrama® Polar Polarized lenses of superior quality able to cancel the reflections coming off of horizontal surfaces (water, snow and sand), a feature that makes them suitable for use in strong light conditions in sea, lake or mountain environments.

Silver frame with HC-Golf lense
Improve contrast without distorting the natural color, prevent visual strain and allow the green to be optimally defined, all the way to the last hole!

Blue frame with 2 sets of lenses:
B8 ThramaHC 4000: Lense Transmission 16, Excellent under strong-light condition.
D9 MTX Spectrum : Lense Transmission 93, Great for low-light condirion.

  • Collector item.. Super-rare Briko Switcher with 2 sets of lenses..
  • Sunglass Frame offer optional accessories Including Elastic band and brow pad.
  • This sunglass is famously wear by Italian cycling star MarioCipollini, Marco Pantani and also Petacchi & FassaBortolo Co.

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