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Sunday, October 7, 2007

OpticNerve Rodango

Only Fuschia Red frame available... 

  • Optic Nerve Rodango sunglass with 4 sets of lenses. Value for money as you get 4 sets of lenses at a cheaper price!!
  • Lense 1) Smoke/Grey Tint: 15% Light transmission. Offer a true, accurate colour definition. For intense,abundant sun conditions.
  • Lense 2) Copper Tint : 27% Light transmission. Easy on eyes and offers excellent acuity, contrast and definition while maintaining great colour definition. For variable light conditions.
  • Lense 3) Orange Tint : 64% Light transmission. Good in eliminating blue light from the sectrum to provide excellent acuity, contrast and definition. For variable light conditions.
  • Lense 4) Clear Tint : 99% Light transmission. For extreme low-light to night time conditions.
  • Toric Lense Technology has 2 diffrent base curves in the same lense.
  • 10x4.5 base-curve format creates a sunglass that fits the face more ergonomically than other lense.
  • It offers incredible peripheral coverage and vision but doesn't crowd the face or look "bug-eyed".
  • Meets the ANSI Z80.3 standards for impact resistance.
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Wandernut said...

Hi, interested in this pair.
Does the price include delivery?

briko280 said...

RM 5 for PosLaju..

Wandernut said...

OK. How do I pay you?
Fund transfer to your bank account?
Free postage can or not? Hehe :)

Please email me payment details ok?


Wandernut said...

This is a new pair right?

briko280 said...

yaya.. fund transer to my bank-acount, then will post out by pos laju.

Ya, new pair..