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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

oakley Half Jacket

oakley HalfJacket Transitions® SOLFX™,
JetBlack frame with Black Persimmon Iridium lense. (13-701)

HALF JACKET Transitions® SOLFX™ Sunglasses Oakley has partnered with Transitions Optical to create lenses that darken and lighten automatically. The patented innovations of Oakley optics are blended with photochromic technology which actively tunes the amount of light that reaches your eyes. Even better, the lenses include base colors that precisely balance light transmission and boost visual contrast to improve depth perception. This unique blend of innovations gives you the ultimate in performance and comfort while improving safety in environments ranging from overcast to bright sun.

Black Persimmon to Grey Transition Lens:
Sport performance lens for flat to bright light. Filters blue light to boost contrast and increase depth perception in a wide variety of light conditions. Excellent for mountain biking and golf, and any other sport that takes you in and out of shaded areas.
Light Transmission: 42% to 10%
Protection Index: Class 2

Please note: These photochromic lenses are enhanced with performance base colors, so they do not fade to clear in the absence of sunlight. Also note that photochromic lenses darken in response to UV light, and car windshields block most UV.

Transitions is a registered trademark and Activated by Transitions is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. and licensed to Oakley, Inc.

Grey frame with Grey XLJ lense..
The XLJ lense offer extended lens coverage for larger faces or for those who prefer an expanded
field of view.

FMJ frame with Ice Iridium lense
IceIridium lense with protection index 3, Light transmission 10%. Suitable for extreme sunlight.

Pearl White frame with Fire Iridium lense

Polished Black frame with Black Amber Polarized (XLJ) lense

PearlWhite frame with Black Iridium lense

FMJ frame with FireIridium lense

RootBeer frame with GoldIridium lense

HalfJacket is also one of my favourite models. It's design fits both men and women, and are super comfort too!!

Sadly, 1 of my favourite, PolishedAluminium frame with Titanium lense, the frame and lense's coating began to peel off after bought it for 4 years.

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