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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nike SiegeII Tour de France

Nike SiegeII Tour de France edition. Very rare and not available in Nike catalogue..
Nike Max Grey lense and Nike Max Hi-Vis Lense.

Athletes need clear views in all directions. Nike Max Optics are design to give the clearest view over the widest angle. In low lights, important details like rocks, shadows and curves are difficult to see. Because human eye is sensitive to yellow, Nike Max Hi-Vis lense allow more of it to transmit throug the lense. This tint increase contrast on a cloudy day, overcast day or while the sun is setting..

Ventilated rubber nose pad promotes air flow to reduce fogging and keep the frame in place, even when moving at full speed. Excellent for cycling or running.
Adjustable Temple for customizable fit.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Missing in Action

I think that there's a mouse in kastam or PosOffice, from Dec 2011 till Jan 2012, suddenly I lost 6 packages!!!


I only lost 2 package in 2011, salute to the Kastam and Post Office!!


It has been a great 2010, untill in May lost a package of EkynoxSX TeamEdition...


This year of 2009 so far so good... Untill 1 item spend a month to reach me..
The reason: "Missent to Thailand"
But this is way more better than my previous lost, as long as I received it.. Thanks postman!!


And the first month of 2nd-half 2008. July lost this adidas..

This 2 pairs Alpina sunglasses post from Germany in June '08, status: LOST!!


Team Edition RudyProject Freeon, lost in May '08..

Uvex SportBoss helmet, never receive since March '08

Want to save on shipping, so buy this oakley watch together with 2 pairs of Smith, Who know lost even more when all lost in Jan '08..


Nike LanceII shoe, lost in 2006..

I start buying in internet 4 years ago, till now already buy more than 300 item.. So far only lost a pair of Nike LanceII shoe in 2006, and this make me really heart-pain coz it's limited edition and very expensive!!

This year, many item not only from US, but also from UK and Germany, missing almost every month!!

Once even ridiculous: I received a helmet, and was shock that the paper box was totally out of shape!! And the helmet inside also receive the same fate.. When I complaint this to the Pos Office, they blame me for not wrapping nicely.. If such a hard helmet (that mean to protect our head from impact)also can crack, I dont think there's better way to wrap it safely, except using a steel-box!!

If keep on missing package, how am I going to buy from oversea anymore??!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Topeak WedgePack

  • Original wedge shape with the QuickClick mounting system. Rain cover included.
  • 3M Reflective Strip
  • Size: 6.2 x 4.2 x 3.8 in.
  • 1000-denier nylon with Dupont Teflon coating for extreme durability
  • 65 to 80 cu. inch with expanding compartment
  • Weight: 175 g / 0.39 lb
  • Rain cover included

MET-StradivariusII Helmet

This is the old version of StradivariusII, which weight 270g (Consider light..)
MET comes out with new Stradivarius911 that weight an incredible 199 grams!!
Thanks to the use of MET's ultimate fibre composite, it was the first PRO Team helmet in the world to weigh less than 200 grams.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

MET-Stradivarius Helmet

  • 17 big air vents with Reflective stickers.
  • Top to Bottom in-molding construction, which are popular in helmet technology now
  • Internal reinforcements in UltimaLite fibre composite
  • Perforated Kevlar lateral retention straps, incorporating the in-molding process
  • Safe-T plus head retention system
  • Lockable side straps divider
  • Anti pinch buckle

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