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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oakley ZeroS Ducati

oakley Zero S in Ducati colour..
Dark Grey frame with Black Iridium lense, DUCATI words laser edge on the bottom left side of the lense..

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Monday, December 21, 2009

RudyProject Wizaard Team

RudyProject Wizaard in "Not for Sale" Team edition..
This Wizaard is a full frame performance sunglasse with advanced 8 base Grilamid ™ architechture to ensure maximum protection from the elements and is packed witht the same value proposition as it's brother the Kalyos. Adjustable nose pads using ergonose ™. The lenses can be easily changed to manage lighting conditions. The prescription insert FR76 00 00 is available if you need to wear a glasses. .

The LazerBlue lense are lenses with a Semi Mirror Finish. Each Laser lens has a base dark tint and then has a mirror finish to the surface. This reduces glare by reflecting light. It is also useful when wearing the insert as it hides the insert more.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

OpticNerve Shindig

This Shindig from OpticNerve looks the same with Tifosi's Forza and Uvex's Rocket..
Dunno who copy who, or do they share the same license to produce such a 99% similar product??

Catlike Kompact

With the launch of the Kompact Pro at the end of the 1990's, Catlike set new standards for the future of helmets from all across the world. After more than 8 years of production, the Kompact Pro has remained firmly at the top of its class, ensuring that Carlike has become a force to be reckoned within the bike helmet industry. With a futuristic, head turning design, the Kompact Pro is still very much in style...

This helmet was the basis on which all of the Catlike helmet range has been made. Its unique style and design are what make make of a Catlike product so recognizable. The name Kompact Pro really captures the philosophy behind the brand.

Recent feature changes such as the new monopiece polycarbonate shell that covers the whole outer surface of the helmet, ensuring extra safety level, the new and improved rear retention system and the inner pins have all been added to improve the comfort and safety of the rider.

Top Features of the Catlike Kompact Pro Cycling Helmets
* 21 Air Intakes for a perfect ventilation
* Dual flow cooling technology
* In-mould technology
* MPS-3D rear retentions system
* Removeable visor

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RudyProject Syluro S-Wide Team

RudyProject Syluro S-Wide in new-Team Edition colour..
Original comes with a set of Laser Blue and Racing Red lense.
With HardCase too.

The Syluro SWide is a specific lens configuration built for Syluro. This new design has been engineered to offer wide peripheral wrap on a smaller geometric package, perfect for narrow faces or for those seeking for a classic style to be worn everyday.

Technical Features:
- ERGOMAX3 incorporates additional nose receptors and a special polymer for enhanced comfort and impact absorption.
- Adjustable Temples with ends in Megol for a perfect and customized fit everytime.
- Composite plastic material mixed with advanced carbon offers a lightweight and durable technical platform.
- Suspended lense technology to prevent fogging.
- RX-Insert for athletes who need prescription.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smith Reactor Max Sunglasses

New in box Smith Reactor Max, Bright Red frame with 3 sets of lenses:
1) Platinum lense. 2) IgnitorRose lense. 3) ClearMirror Lense.

Distortion-free, Interchangeable lens system for multiple environments and variable light conditions. Adjustable wire nose allows for personalized fitr and TLT Carbonic lenses allow objects to be seen in their exact position.


Rimless design for precise peripheral vision
Tapered Lens Technology™
Carbonic™ Lens
Grilamid™ TR90 Nylon Frame
Hydrophilic Megol™ nose/temple pads
100% UVA/B/C Protection
Adjustable wire nose for customized fit

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

adidas A18 a124

a124 6066 DarkBrown Metal frame with LST GOlf Silver lense

a124 6052 Black frame with LST GOlf lense

Performance Insert a727 are easily Insert, and ideal for those
needing optical corection without the hassle of contact lense.
  • Adidas A18 Sunglasses Patented 8-Base Masters PC filter.
  • Double-Snap nose bridge® provide 2 level of adjustment to suit the wearer.
  • TriFit® Temple with 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8degree to find the optimum fit.
  • Wrap-Around® Technic provide widest field of vision as well as a snug fit and assurance it will not dismount.
  • Made from SPX®, and extra-light break-proof material with durability and resistant to exreme temperatures.
  • Curve TractionGrip® intregrated into the ear temples providing a non-slip, pressure-free and stable fit. Suitable on running, cycling or other sports.
  • Rather than the frame getting damage, the QuickRelease Hinge® release temples under exertion of impact force.This patented release mechanism for temple hinges free the frame from possible strain or breakage.
  • Decentered Vision Advantage Lense® enables extremely curved lense while still providing distortion-free vision.

LST: Light Stabilizing Technology
The Light Stabilizing Technology by Adidas eyewear intensifies contrasts and at the same time harmonizes light fluctuations caused by the interplay of light and shadow. This prevents eye fatigue and improves the power of concentration. This specific light absorption creates: excellent brightening effect that even harmonizes light fluctuation, maintains natural colour perception as well as enhancing colour contrasts. Dazzle caused by glaring sunlight as well as rapid changes from light to shadow impact eyesight and concentration. Adidas eyewear has specially developed its Light Stabilizing Technology to account for these factors. LST harmonizes extreme light fluctuations while enhancing the light contrast effect through balanced adaptation to lighting conditions. In this was, LST prevents rapid eye fatigue and ensures top sporting performances.

Also Look:
2 sets of adidas A18 (a124) lense for sell:
LST Gold - RM 128
Light Absorption 84% with ShadeFactor 3.

adi-Clear - RM 88
Light Absorption 9%
Protection from wind and insects, night-time water..

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