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Thursday, January 15, 2009

RudyProject Syluro S-Wide

RudyProject Syluro S-Wide. Platinum frame with Polar 3FX Brown lense.

RudyProject Syluro S-Wide in Graphite frame and MultilaserRed lense..

RudyProject Syluro S-Wide
Black Velvet frame with ImpactX PhotoPolarized Grey lense..

The Syluro SWide is a specific lens configuration built for Syluro. This new design has been engineered to offer wide peripheral wrap on a smaller geometric package, perfect for narrow faces or for those seeking for a classic style to be worn everyday.

Technical Features:
- ERGOMAX3 incorporates additional nose receptors and a special polymer for enhanced comfort and impact absorption.
- Adjustable Temples with ends in Megol for a perfect and customized fit everytime.
- Composite plastic material mixed with advanced carbon offers a lightweight and durable technical platform.
- Suspended lense technology to prevent fogging.
- RX-Insert for athletes who need prescription.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Briko Prowler Sunglasses

Briko Prowler sunglasses.
Anisette frame with DualIce Spectrum lense.
Dual-Spectrum lenses have a mirror finish treatment that accentuates the colour of the base lens so as to produce a shining effect and at the same time reduce excessive rays of lights.
42% Light Transmission, Filter Category 2 which suitable under medium-high light.

DualSand frame with DualGold lense.
Dual-Spectrum lenses have a mirror finish treatment that accentuates the colour of the base lens so as to produce a shining effect and at the same time reduce excessive rays of lights.
The lenses also received an internal reflection-proof treatment that reduces te reflection of the incident rays hitting the back of the lens.
32% Light Transmission, Filter Category 2 which suitable under medium-high light.

Carbon frame with MTX-Infrared lense.
MTX-Spectrum lenses are extremely resistant thanks to their special multilayer treatment that gives their mirroring a particulary bright tint. Extremely versatile, they maintain contrasts and assure great visual comfort.
ProtectionIndex class 3, its suitable to ride under strong light or in the mountains..

MattRed frame with Thrama lense.
The basic colour is red and its derivatives. They increase visual efficiency and the degree of image definition in poor visibility and flat light conditions. Ideal for speed sports.
50% Light Transmission, Filter Category 2 which suitable under medium-high light.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Briko Epic Sunglasses

Briko Epic sunglasses. DualSilver frame with SummitBlue lense.
Features universal adjustment temple ends and also double-snap Synchro Nose Bridge, provides double level height adjustment of the nose bridge to suit individual wearer.

SummitBlue lenses are intended for activities in extreme light condition (ice, sea or sun). They are characterized by a very low transmittance that protects the eye from ultraviolet radiations.
Suitable to use in the mountain or strong light condition.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Giro Havik GrandTour Edition

Giro has just released three special edition versions of its popular Havik glasses, as big a hit with consumers as with pro riders, to commemorate Alberto Contador's victories in all three of cycling's Grand Tours; the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a EspaƱa.

25-year-old Contador has risen quickly to the top of the professional cycling ranks, collecting the top honours at each of the three biggest stage races on the calendar, all within a 14 month period. Impressive stuff indeed, and there's surely many more race wins coming the relative youngster's way.

So, to celebrate, Giro has produced a limited edition of 500 pieces (worldwide) of their Havik sunglasses in each of the celebrated colours that represent the leader's jersey for those iconic races - yellow frame with grey lenses for the Tour, pink frame with rose silver lens for the Giro, and a gold frame with brown bronze lens for the Vuelta.

And the price? £139.99.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LAS Bionix helmet

LAS Bionix helmet. Totally different to anything else out there!!!
Futuristic and Aerodynamic design with as aggresive look.

This Bionix helmet comes in only one size. However because of the Cat Eyes adjustment system used in the rear strap, it allows for up to a 5cm range of adjustment, 54cm-59cm. The rear strap can further be adjusted up and down to provide for a snug fit. The chin strap comfortable snaps into place and is adjustable to provide a tight fit.

Tested in the wind tunnel with excellent results, the Triple Wing directs the wind to amplify the effects of the 15 small air vents and increase the cooling ability of this Bionix.
However, the airflow through the helmet is somewhat lessened compared to many other road helmets on the market, hence it does not feel as cool or well ventilated. This is most definitely caused by the sponge padding in the helmet which also happens to make it such a comfortable helmet to wear. Also, unlike most other helmets, the Bionix does not have grooves within the internal of the helmet to help direct and improve airflow through the helmet. It does however use the triple wing to two effects; to direct external air to quickly remove hot air rising from the helmet vents, and also to direct the flow of external air so that there is lesser air turbulence and therefore more aerodynamic.

Inside padding made of a single removable and washable OUTLAST, the most innovative fabric on the market (Used by NASA and awarded the Space Technology Certificate,OUTLAST® fabric keeps the temperature constant.)

At 280gms, the Bionix is not the lightest road helmet around, but neither is it the heaviest. However, when considering the aero advantage, weight is not so critical.

LAS, was founded in Pedrengo in the Northern Italian province of Bergamo in 1974. For more than 30 years, the company has been making protective sports helmets of a very high quality in terms of safety, comfort, design, and innovation.

Today, as a market leader in protective sports helmets, LAS has its focus in both biking and horse riding and continue to manufacture and distribute top quality protective sports helmets throughout the world. Thru contacts with US Safety Equipment Institute, UK’s BSI, and several safety certification laboratories in Italy, LAS is able to offer a vast range of homologated items.

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