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Sunday, June 28, 2009

RudyProject RydonII

Rudy Project RydonII Carbon frame with Grey Lense.

Demi Turtle Gloss frame with Action Brown lense
Action Brown
Light Transmission 12%
High contrast lenses built around chromatic partitioning, they enhance color contrast and, cut glare from all angles maximizing visual clarity.

                         Rudy Project RydonII PearlWhite frame with Bi-Chromic Pink Lense.

Unifying seamlessly advanced design technology and materials science, the Rydon blends cutting-edge ergonomic features with advanced aerospatial aluminum alloy (Kynetium) which combines Carbon, Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicium and Titanium to create an unbelievably lightweight (mg), durable (ti) and flexible (si) sunglass. These material advances allowed for the design specifications to be "pushed" giving Rudy the ability to create a stunning wraparound masterpiece.

QuickChange - Interchangeable lenses system
E-Lock - Anti-slip nose piece lock system
Adjustable Nosepiece - Total comfort. No fog, no slip.
Adjustable temples - Total comfort. Fit. Eliminates pinching.
RP-D-Centered - Advanced visual acuity. Performance vision
Safety Project - Hidden hinges and side protection
RX Program - RX prescription friendly.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

ZeroRH+ Idro RH56803

ZeroRH+Idro RH56803. Aluminium frame with FlashedSmoke (SeeSea) lense.
Hailing from Italy, the ZeroRH+ names can be spotted on many sports celebreties such as Juventus coach Fabio Capello, America's Cup winners Team Alinghi and Formula One driver Giancarlo Fisichella. In the cycling arena, Mario Cipollini, Team Fassa Bartolo and LPR riders can also be spotted wearing these shades.
The eyeware range is classified into two different categories; Redblood, the sports range; And Blueblood, for daily use as a fashion accessory or as prescription glasses.

Made with a material called 'PA12', The frame felt elastic and held out well to wearer's flexing. 'PA12' claims to be highly resistant to alcohol, cosmetics and perspiration and also non-toxic and non-allegenic. This Idro may look somewhat 'biggish' but it fits snugly at all contact points and didn't dislodge itself even with vigourous shaking.

The Idro looks identical with the Vertigo, but this Idro comes with a set of SeeSea lense.
SeeSea is a set of lenses that increase visual performance in marine environments. They ensure clear vision of the horizon and of the changes of wind, protecting against sunshine and reflections of water. Another amazing design of this Idro is that it is made of Floating frame, which are floatable on the water..

Idro and Vertigo

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