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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Briko Sprinter

Vintage briko Sprinter Kit with 2 set of lenses:
G8 H-Color DarkGrey
Lense in classic grey hue.They are relaxing and do not tire the eyes, even used for long hour.

B7 ThramaHC+
Basic color is Red, increase visual efficiency and flat light conditions. Excellent for speed sports.

Briko Sprinter featuring a specially designed crossbow frame with differentiated thickness, these sunglasses adapt to any head/face shape. This provides excellent adherence, which makes them ideal for extreme conditions in rafting, kayaking, biking and running. Thermolast nosepiece and Thermoflex temple ends create unequaled stability. Performance and comfort are the winning characteristics of these sunglasses.
Extreme use accessories include elastic band, brow pad and adhesive foam.

- Interchangeable Lenses fastened in conjunction with nosepiece
- Crossbow Grilamid frame provides durability and greater aeration
- Lack of frame on lens perimeter provides easy water run-off
- Nosepiece in Thermolast
- Temple ends in Thermoflex for comfort and stability
- Base 7 Lenses

The favourite shades of Pantani and Cipollini

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Briko NitroSpeed

Briko NitroSpeed Matt Grey frame,
Thrama NY Active 4000 AF with Mirrored and AntiFog threatment lense,

Filter Category 3 with Light Transmission 11%.

The Nitrospeed, being the lightest in the collection, is constructed with Nitrogen technology making it extremely lightweight, flexible and impact-resistant. The Nitrospeed combines a sleek design to create a great fitting and performing model that is lightweight and suitable for all year use.
The special production process that inject nitrogen into the frame made these sunglasses extremely light: NitroSpeed in fact can float in water! 
The Thrama® system is based on the fundamental concept of transmittance, that is on light selection filtering techniques aimed at drastically reducing visual "noise" (diffused light) and intensifying the "signal" in order to optimize "visual information". It can filter the first three primary colors in the visible light spectrum (blue-green-red, wavelength of 400 to 700 nm) in different percentages, thus increasing the chromatic contrast and optimizing the image perception in the fundamental visual receptors present in the central retina. Furthermore, it ensures total protection from UV rays thanks to special additives that can neutralize UVA and UVB rays for maximum protection. (400 nm).

Ultimate Scratch Proof Lens:
Feature highly surface hardness materials

Certified Lens Quality:
Feature highly surface hardness and strong resistance materials and have been successfully tested using European standards for impact and scratch resistance and by athletes in extremesport situations

Mirroring Treatment:
Plating of metallic particles on the surface of the lens that softens excess light

Surface treatment that prevents the lenses from misting up, thus preventing visibility problems in critical conditions

Anti-Impact Temple Ends:
Temple ends realized with special, flexible material able to absorb impact

Syncro Bridge:
Nose piece that can be adjusted in width with slip-proof protuberances that allows the eyewear to be adapted to anyshape of head.

adidas Jaw a980

Youth adidas Jaw a980 sunglasses
Crystal Smoke frame with Grey ClimaCool lense (6051)

Youth adidas Jaw a980 sunglasses
WhiteBlack frame with Grey ClimaCool lense (6053)

The Jaw sunglasses are designed with a Ribbed Grip System & Quick-Release Hinge for superb comfort and the perfect fit. The Jaw is designed with a Quick-Change Lens System to accommodate all light and weather conditions. Adidas sunglasses have lightweight scratch/impact-resistant PC lenses for incredible optical clarity and provide 100% UV PROTECTION.


- 8-base decentered Vision Advantage PC Lenses
- ClimaCool ventilation and moisture management system
- Double-Snap Nose Bridge
- Quick-Release Hinge
- Ribbed Grip System
- Interchangeable Lens System

Monday, June 20, 2011

RudyProject Genetyk Team

Rudy Project Genetyk Team Edition, with custom-white temple.
2 sets of lenses:
Multi-Laser Blue
The Multilaser series have been developed with a special process implementing very thin "mirror" coatings on the lens surface, improving therefore its resistance and its superb cosmetic aspect.

Racing Red
High Optical quality lenses in high definition Polycarbonate treated with multi layered coating to enhance visual depth and eliminate eye fatigue. The Racing Red lens was engineered for serious athletes and "techno files".

Based on a super-light full-wrap shield design implementing Rudy Project's Quick Change™ lens replacement technology - no twisting, sliding or shaking required - the Genetyk is the latest in hi-tech sporting eyewear from the company writing the book on Technically Cool. The Genetyk also features hallmark Rudy Project features like 360-degree fully adjustable temples and the similarly fully adjustable ErgoIV™ nosepiece for that perfect customized fit.

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