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Monday, August 29, 2011

RudyProject Kerosene Golf

Rudy Project Kerosene
Special Edition Golf - Birdie Sunglasses

Kerosene Golf and RacingRed lense..
Made in Italy and brand is worn on PGA Tour by several professionals

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

adidas adiStarL a160 sunglasses

adidas adiStarL sunglasses, Crystal/Lime frame and LST Trail silver lens (a160-6051).
The adiStar is the new running eyewear that intergrates ClimaCool® technology. This light-weight running eyewear focuses on the four vital elements that are a consideration for sportsperson: fit, protection, durability and most importantly, clear vision.
  • LST-Trial lense for All-Day solar protection. Shade Factor 3 with 84% Light Absorption.
  • Wrap-Around Technic® provide widest field of vision as well as a snug fit and assurance it will not dismount.
  • Made from SPX and extra-light break-proof material with durability and resistant to exreme temperatures.
  • FlexZones® incorporate into the SPX Frame give extra flexibility allowing the eye-wear to stretch and adapt to face easily.
  • Double-Snap nose bridge® provides double level height adjustment of the nose bridge to suit individual wearer. Made of a non-slip, soft material for secure and comfortable.
  • TriFit Temple® with 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8-degree to find the optimum fit for each wearer.
  • TractionGrip® intregrated into the temples providing a non-slip, pressure-free and stable fit.
  • Rather than the frame getting damage, the QuickRelease Hinge® release temples under exertion of impact force. This patented release mechanism for the temple hinges free frame from possible strain or breakage.
  • Decentered Vision Advantage Lense® enables extremely curved lense while still providing distortion-free vision.
  • ClimaCool® by adidas is a dynamic ventilation technology allows for air to be directed in a way that does not disturb the view while manages moisture and prevent fogging.
  • Performance Insert are easily insert, and ideal for those needing optical correction without the hassle of contact lense.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Uvex SportStyle01

New Uvex SportStyle01 sunglasses, OrangeSilver frame with RhodiumPolavision lense..

Uvex Polavision lense technology with decentered, injected lenses and Uvex Rhodium Mirror.
- Various metal layer uvex rhodium mirror coating
- Super anti-scratch
- Polarized antiglare shield
- Power injected makrolon

- Temples with adjustable inclination.
- Integrated flex hinges.
- TPX Soft Temple ends.
- Individually adjustable butterfly TPX soft nosepads.
- Patented lense changing system.
- Makrolon high-tech materials.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

adidas EvilEye ClimaCool S a147 6051

EvilEye ClimaCool L vs EvilEye ClimaCool S

Adidas Sunglasses Evil Eye ClimaCool S (a147 6051) with Silver LST lense.
Feature the Adidas tri-fit temple and quick change lens system traction grip and the Climacool ventilation system. Adidas lenses have light stabilizing technology to help reduce light fluctuations when moving from light to shadow and from sunlight glare. These are great for runners and any other sports where your current sunglasses fog easily!

  • ClimaCool Ventilation system with AntiFog treatment.
  • Adidas Patented 8-Base Masters PC filter.
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge™ provide 2 level of adjustment to suit the wearer.
  • TRI-FIT™ Temple with 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8degree to find the optimum fit.
  • Wrap-Around™ Technic provide widest field of vision as well as a snug fit and assurance it will not dismount.
  • Made from SPX™, an extra-light break-proof material with durability and resistant to exreme temperatures.
  • Curve Traction Grip™ intregrated into the ear temples providing a non-slip, pressure-free and stable fit. Suitable on running, cycling or other sports.
  • Rather than the frame getting damage, the Quick-Release Hinge™ release temples under exertion of impact force.This patented release mechanism for temple hinges free the frame from possible strain or breakage.
  • 9-base De-Centered Vision Advantage™ PC-Lenses enables extremely curved lense while still providing distortion-free Vision.
  • Performance Insert™available (a779)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

RudyProject Noyz ImpactX Photochromic Golf

  • RudyProject Noyz, ImpactX Golf edition MatteBlack frame with the highest quality ImpactX Photochromatic lense.
  • Formulated exclusively for Rudy Project, this revolutionary lens has been tailored to offer all the assets of the prestigious Golf/Tennis 100™ optics, but perfected with ImpactX™ technology and photochromatic properties.
  • This lens provides cutting-edge, truly unique climatic management technology, astounding clarity across the green and unparalleled eye protection. The photochromatic lens changes from 38% to 13% light transmission in seconds.
  • Using QuickChange technology, lenses can be easily changed.
  • This Noyz is prescription-ready, either with Rudy's easy-in-easy-out patented RX insert, or direct with Rudy's revolutionary ImpactRX program powered by Shamir digital freeform technology.

Density gr/cm32,531,321,221,011,11
Refractive index1,521,501,591,511,53
Abbe number58,457,8295245
Chemical resistanceGoodGoodPoorMediumGood
Stress crackingFragileFragileSensitiveSensitiveNot sensitive
Suitable for sportsNoNoGoodMediumExcellent

Rudy Project Sunglasses have received Members Seal of Approval from
PGA Magazine Partners Club

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Catlike Fusion

Catlike Fusion R513
If the Kompact helmet changed the CatLike history, the Fusion model is the design that captured the attention of the market, gainning its respect. This model with minimallistic lines and that has been in CatLike's range in the last 4 seasons, is how CatLike started a trend of developing material capable to compete with any company in the eyewear business, even with the most experienced ones. The three lenses delivered help to improve vision in any situation, apart from being a perfect couple with the frame. The product evolution never stops and the Fusion is no longer the top of the range model, although its design and history deserve a space in CatLike's catalogue. And for many years to come!

The three special polycarbonate Catlike Fusion lens options come in Mirrored Silver for bright sunlight or where you don't want your competitors to see your eyes, low light orange for poor conditions and clear for windy overcast rides. Most importantly they are also resistant to scratches and are shatter proof in the case of a crash.

The TR-90 frame on the Catlike Fusion glasses is light and flexible with the contact points covered by anti slip materials.