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Monday, September 26, 2011

Nalini Afrodite Carbon shoe

Nalini Afrodite Full-Carbon road cycling shoe in size 43..
100% Carbon Sole at 325g
Professional level footwear for the serious cyclist!
The toe box on Nalini shoes is fairly generous to provide space and breathing.

Afrodite Features:
- Velcro Closure
- Upper: Mesh + TPU Injection
- Sole: 100% Carbon Fiber
- Replaceable rubber inserts
- Strong Arch Supports
- Cambrelle anatomic Closure
- Made in Italy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alpina Pheos LE Helmet

Alpina Pheos LE helmet in Maxxis-RockyMountain colour..

Alpina Pheos helmet in White Black size S/M (50-55cm)..

The pinnacle of Alpina's enviable helmet technology, utilising the best raw materials available - polycarbonate, Hi EPS and Carbon Fibre. To create a super secure, safe and comfortable top end helmet.

At 225g, the Pheos LE helmet is aimed at weight weenie whippets who want decent protection at a super-light weight. It’s comfy, partially because it’s so light that it feels as if it’s hardly there, and partly because the retention system has been well thought out.
The Pheos LE is a wide shallow style, with a carbon monocoque for extra protection at no extra weight. Generous vents give it a barely-there feel on even the longest and hottest trail days.

The fit dial is easy to use and the retention band at the back pivots so that you can get it into the perfect position. It’s a simple thing, but it’s hard to overstate the comfort it adds. The straps are well placed and hard to tangle, and once you’ve set your fit, the easy-to-use sliding ratchet and padded chinstrap are fast to fix and don’t irritate.


Alpina Swing fit system
Multi Inmold Tec
Carbon Monococque
Swing Fit System
20 Airflow Vents

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rudy Project New Sports Eyewear for 2012

From cross country skiing to running, from kite surfing to cycling, Rudy Project’s new Hypermask Performance sunglasses are perfect for all sports, delivering the utmost in reliability and comfort, with the added bonus of looking fierce and fast.

Featuring a wraparound design and a rimless frame, the Hypermask Performance provides an exceptional visual range and the best aerodynamic performance. Weighing in at just under an ounce, this eyewear has an incomparable lightness. Hypermask Performance glasses are so light they can be worn for hours, without realizing you are even wearing them.

An anti-slip system with soft rubber temple tips and adjustable nosepiece ensure the perfect fit, every time. Together with the Brow Interface, these shades maintain excellent ventilation to prevent lens fogging. Perfect vision is also guaranteed by the Quick Change™ system, letting you change lenses quickly and easily, choosing lenses best suited to the light and atmospheric conditions.

For those wanting a lens that adapts itself to different light conditions, the Hypermask Performance is also available with the new ImpactX™ Photochromic Laser Racing Red lens, which is the first photochromic mirror lens to adapt to different light conditions even in the absence of UV, sharpening the contrasts and stabilizing better to temperature than traditional
photochromic lenses.

Hypermask Performance comes in four eye-catching colors: Silver Gloss, White Green, Yellow Fluo, and Black Gloss. In addition to the ImpactX™ Racing Red Laser lenses, a variety of other lenses are also available, including Multilaser Blue or Green, Laser Black, Transparent, and Yellow.

Rudy Project’s new wrap-style sunglass, the Hypermask, combines a cool look with incredibly lightweight eye protection. Combining the best in technology for sport with a fierce, determined look, the Hypermask is suitable for all types of activity, whether it be racing or just relaxing.

“Often times, wrap eyewear, especially rimless, tends to be ultra-delicate and break easily. Not Rudy Project’s Hypermask,” proclaimed Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “This sunglass was designed for performance and durability,” he added.

With its streamlined design, mask style lenses, and eye-catching colors, the Hypermask is the ideal sunglass to wear just about anywhere. Weighing less than an ounce, it’s so light it can be worn for hours, without realizing you are wearing them, and always in total comfort. Its adjustable nosepiece and soft rubber temple tips guarantee stability, perfect face fit and
excellent air circulation to prevent fogging.

With its superb coverage and suitable for running, triathlons and cycling or just chillin’, the Hypermask uses the Quick Change™ system, allowing you to change your lenses quickly and easily for optimal vision in any light conditions.

The rimless frame also provides an exceptional field of vision, while the wrap-around lens protects eyes from all external elements like dust, grit and anything else you may encounter along the way. Face and eyes are also protected by the exclusive Safety Project™ system, eliminating sharp corners on the frame that could result in injury due to falls or bumps. These
frames appeal to the rock star athlete in you.

Available in 3 frames and 4 lenses, the Hypermask can be customized to suit your taste, creating unique combinations. Frame options include Crystal, Frozen Ash, and Black Gloss. Lenses include Multilaser Red, Multilaser Green, or Multilaser Purple, and Smoke Black.

A sunglass that not only protects your eyes, but keeps you looking stylish and swift – the Revenge is Rudy Project’s new uni-lens, mask-style sunglass. The Revenge is perfect for all dynamic sports that require comfortable, reliable and lightweight eyewear on the go.

From dashing across the tennis court to jolting on the mountain bike to sprinting through the finish line at a triathlon, Revenge sunglasses provide maximum stability on the face thanks to their ergonomic fit, adjustable nosepiece and soft rubber temple tips.

“The mask design on this new model is amazing, giving you excellent vision and protecting your eyes from dust, debris or insects,” remarked Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America.

The semi-rimless, shield platform design gives you unobstructed view while maintaining maximum protection.

The Quick Change™ system ensures perfect visibility in all light conditions, making it quick and easy to interchange lenses to suit specific weather conditions.

This extraordinary model’s features do not end there. The Revenge introduces the brand-new green and purple MultiLaser lenses, developed according to a special process that applies an extremely thin mirror coating on the surface of the lens that reduces eye fatigue and gives the glasses a clean, cool look.

This new sunglass comes in three different frame colors: White Gloss, Yellow Crystal Fluo, and Black Gloss. Choose from a variety of high-performance lenses: ImpactX™ Photochromic Laser Racing Red, MultiLaser Red, Multilaser Green, Multilaser Purple, Smoke Black, and Transparent.

The revolutionary ImpactX™ Photochromic Laser Racing Red lens is the first photochromic mirror lens to adapt blazingly fast to different light conditions even in the absence of UV, sharpening the contrasts and stabilizing better to temperature than traditional photochromic lenses.

Kylix XY: Rudy Project’s Smart Solution for Small Faces
Rudy Project once again answers the needs of athletes across the spectrum with the Kylix XY, a new sport sunglass model specifically engineered for smaller faces. The Kylix XY, a close cousin to Rudy Project’s best-selling Rydon model, utilizes durable yet lightweight materials, cutting-edge lens technology and Italian-inspired design to offer an ideal optical solution for athletes seeking smaller frames but not willing to skimp on performance and style.

“Throughout my career in the eyewear industry, I have witnessed the ever present need for manufacturers to produce real solutions for people needing smaller frames in order to experience the best fit possible,” attested Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “Small-sized performance optics can be a challenge to produce, but more than
once Rudy Project has met that challenge head-on. With the Kylix XY, we’ve once again pushed the envelope on small-faced sporting eyewear designs so that this group of athletes no longer need struggle with imperfect fit.” Craig continued, “A large number of individuals waste their money on sunglasses which are simply not sized appropriately for their faces, leading to reduced performance, compromised comfort and utter frustration. I’m proud that Rudy Project offers
technologically advanced solutions to help these athletes take their game to the next level with the performance eyewear they deserve!”

Constructed with Kynetium™, a space-age alloy consisting of magnesium and titanium, the Kylix XY’s frame embodies both the strength and lightweight properties of its component metals. What definitively sets the Kylix XY apart from many other sunglasses on the market is its strategic design targeted for those with smaller faces; i.e. women, children and small-framed
men. This is an often-ignored segment of the sports eyewear market which Rudy Project is proud to service as one of the world’s leading eyewear design and manufacturing pioneers. Staying true to their foundation as the industry leader in RX sports solutions, the Kylix XY is also fully compatible with Rudy Project’s perfected sight correction technology, ImpactRX™
FreeForm TEK™. Proven to increase the wearer’s peripheral vision by up to 20%, this technology uses groundbreaking EyePoint™ ocular mapping and digital backside surfacing technologies for the best solution in RX sports.

“We’ve built on the proven success of our number-one selling design, the Rydon, but modified the fit specifically for folks with smaller heads,” explained Craig.“Those with narrow faces will love the Kylix XY because it has the same sporty look and technologically advanced attributes of the super-popular Rydon, but in a sleek, trimmed down size.”

The Kylix XY also incorporates the custom-fit features which have made Rudy Project famous in the sunglass market: the pliable 360° adjustable temple tips and the ErgoIV™ fully amendable nosepiece, both made of hypoallergenic Megol. It offers a slightly wider lens than its predecessor, the Kylix, thus providing enhanced peripheral vision and a more universally appealing aesthetic. Additionally, the Kylix XY features Rudy Project’s gimmick-free QuickChange™ interchangeable lens technology. The result is a flexible, durable sunglass frame with custom versatility and precision lens RX-ability.

The Kylix XY is available in frame colors Frozen Brown, Frozen Ash, Carbon and Silver and can be paired with an assortment of Rudy Project’s ImpactX™, Polar3FX™ and RP Optics™ lenses.

Ultra-lightweight shades with two-tone style is the perfect all around sunglass

Sunglasses so lightweight, you barely know they’re there. Weighing just under 0.78 ounces, ROB 2.0 is Rudy Project’s newest edition to the casual line. These shades are sure to make heads turn with their stylish colors and multilaser lenses.

Rudy Project’s ROB 2.0 shades are ideal for a day on the beach or out on a boat, in the country or in the city, or just about anything leisure. In fact they will be Rudy Project’s “go to” frame for most sponsored athletes.

“For the person who isn’t afraid to get noticed and sport two-tone fluorescent, in-your-face colors, ROB 2.0 is the perfect sunglass choice,” proclaimed Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “And for those who love these shades, but want a more subtle look, they also come in basic colors,” he added.

Seen in the picture to the left is the ROB 2.0 in Blue Lime with smoke black lens. Additional colors include Brown Orange with brown lens, Crystal with multilaser green lens, Frozen Crystal with multilaser red lens, Demi Turtle with brown lens, and Black Gloss with either smoke black lens or Polar3FX™ grey laser lens.

The MultiLaser lenses have been developed according to a special process that applies an extremely thin mirror coating on the surface of the lens, improving its resistance and giving this eyewear a truly glamorous appeal.

Light, comfortable, practical and stylish, ROB 2.0 makes for a fresh, rugged and trendy look. A restyling of the Rob model, one of Rudy Project’s greatest successes, the name ROB 2.0 itself highlights the newly developed lines and materials that place this new version in a class of its own. This sunglass was designed to fit basically every face – it’s a timeless classic design that will be in Rudy Project’s collections for many years to come.

And for those with vision correction needs, ROB 2.0 raises the bar in the sunglass arena with its highly refined RX option and broad parameters, allowing even the most visually challenged to enjoy the benefits of style, comfort and perfect vision.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

adidas Originals Petrovka ah11

New in box adidas Originals Petrovka ah11-6056.
Chamaeleon Brown frame with Amber lense..

New in box adidas Originals Petrovka ah11. MustangBrown frame with Jade Mirror lense..
The Adidas Originals Petrovka model is named after Moscow's number 1 shopping mile. The floral prints are their most eye-catching design feature. The pattern that was fully adopted from the world of interior design is only applied to parts of the frame.

The Originals collection is part of adidas' Sport Heritage Division and represents a true fusion of sport authenticity and global street style.The collection seeks to extend the unique and authentic heritage of the lifestyle market. The lenses correspond to optical quality 1 level and guarantee total protection against UV A, B and C radiation.
Made of SPX
SPX is a high end material whose exceptional properties make it ideally suited for use in the eyewear industry. Flexibility and tensile force resistant guarantee top stability. 

Polycarbonate Lenses
PC lenses provide 100% UV protection from harmful rays. Additionally the lenses are scratch-resistant avoiding any marks that would interfere with sight.

8-base Decentered Vision
Decentering of the optical center will result in distortion-free vision and permits the use of strongly curving filters that optimally envelop the eye.