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Saturday, May 12, 2012

RudyProject Exowind Team Photochromic

  • RudyProject Exowind, Team edition with the highest quality ImpactX Photochromatic Racing Red lense.
  • Exowind started to make its debut in 2008's Tour de France, being worn by Italian star Ricardo Ricco, White Jersey Vicenzo Nibali, Sprint Ace Erik Zabel, Best Climber and podium-finisher Bernhard Kohl to name a few..
  • This architectural piece brings visual performance, snug comfort and style on a sleek and dymamic chassis.
  • Using QuickChange technology, lenses can be easily changed.
  • Mounted with the new Photochromic ImpactX lenses, the Exowind will ensure unparalleled wraparound protection and enhanced visual clarity for any performance, at any climatic condition.
  • Incorporated with the latest innovative co-injected Ergonose4 insures stunning stability and exceptional ergonomics.
  • This Exowind is prescription-ready, either with Rudy's easy-in-easy-out patented RX insert, or direct with Rudy's revolutionary ImpactRX program powered by Shamir digital freeform technology.

Density gr/cm3 2,53 1,32 1,22 1,01 1,11
Refractive index 1,52 1,50 1,59 1,51 1,53
Abbe number 58,4 57,8 29 52 45
Chemical resistance Good Good Poor Medium Good
Stress cracking Fragile Fragile Sensitive Sensitive Not sensitive
Photochromic Yes Yes No No Yes
Suitable for sports No No Good Medium Excellent

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