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Thursday, June 28, 2012

RudyProject Rydon Shooting Kit

RudyProject Rydon ShootingKit with 5 sets of lenses
1. Laser Copper
Light Transmission 21%
The AR-Laser series implement additional Anti-Reflective back coatings for enhanced protection capacity and perceived comfort benefits. Engineered for variable weather.

2. Action Brown
Light Transmission 12%
High contrast lenses built around chromatic partitioning, they enhance color contrast and, cut glare from all angles maximizing visual clarity.

3. Racing Red
Light Transmission 28%
High Optical quality lenses in high definition Polycarbonate treated with multi layered coating to enhance visual depth and eliminate eye fatigue. The Racing Red lens was engineered for serious athletes and "techno files".

4. Yellow
Light Transmission 87%
Enhance contrast and depth. They are ideal for early morning light, sunset or rainy days.

5. Transparent
Light Transmission 92%
Designed for protection of the eyes from dust or other foreign bodies during sports activities. Excellent protection for the eyes in very cold climates.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

oakley Scalpel Livestrong

New in box oakley Scalpel Livestrong edition

Oakley Scalpel® combines the best of High Definition Optics® (HDO®) with a look that goes from street to sport, and it offers a level of performance as aggressive as its styling.

This is sculpture mixed with science, and there’s a reason behind every curve. The side-to-side contour of a lens can make or break peripheral vision. SCALPEL has a full 8.75 base curvature to open the range of view. That much of a contour leads to optical distortion in ordinary sunglasses but Scalpel is engineered with XYZ Optics® to maintain critical clarity along the entire lens curve, ensure added protection against sun, wind and side impact.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

oakley Whisker

New in box oakley Whisker, Silver Frame with DarkGrey lense
Dark Grey lense
Extremely bright light. Excellent all-purpose lens that offers truer colour perception in sunny conditions.
Light Transmission: 10%
Conditions: Extremely bright light
Protection Index: 3
Neutral / Contrast: Neutral

Durable C-5™ alloy is digitally sculptured into the thinnest wire frame ever created by Oakley. Its flexibility provides an adaptable fit with minimal cranial pressure. WHISKER® sunglasses combine all-day comfort with the unbeatable clarity ofHIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). Lenses of pure PLUTONITE® filter out 100% of all UV and maintain impact protection that meets all ANSI Z80.3 standards. For added comfort and a secure fit, supple UNOBTAINIUM® components increase grip with perspiration.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

oakley Radar Asian Fit

Radar Asian-Fit PolishedBlack frame with G26 Iridium Path lense..

G26 Iridium Lense

Light Trans : 26%

Index : 2

Base : Amber

Coating : G26 Iridium

Purpose : Increased Contrast

Lighting : Flat To Medium Light

New in box oakley Radar, Polished White (Asian Fit) frame with Positive Red Iridium lense
Positive Red Iridium
Medium to bright light. Features a neutral lens tint with an Iridium® coating to tune contrast and reduce glare.

Light Transmission: 15%
Conditions: medium to bright light
Protection Index: 3
Neutral / Contrast: Contrast


Getting the right fit is essential for comfort, protection, and even optical performance. You may have heard industry terms like “European Fit” and “Asian Fit”. If sunglasses tend to sit too low on your face or slide down your nose, touch at your temples or cheeks, or feel narrow at the sides of your head, try out Asian Fit. The tabs below show all the technology oakley put into making these frames fit with perfection.

The bridge is narrowed and deepened, and longer pad mounts are used on certain frames to give you more room for adjustment.

Nose Pads

Asian Fit eyewear takes advantage of specially sized nose pads to help the frame sit higher on the face and stay comfortably in place.

The ear stems are more rounded to better match the shape of the head and ensure a comfortably secure fit.

FrameCurvature across the front is reduced to prevent the frame from touching at the cheeks and temples.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012