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Sunday, June 10, 2012

oakley FuelCell MaxFearLight

Brand new in box Limited Edition oakley FuelCell in MaxFearLight scheme..

Watch the Max FearLight commercial to witness where the obsession began:
Max Fear Light

His name was Max Fear Light and he lived in a futuristic bunker, shielded from the blazing radiation of a sun gone ballistic. It was a campaign we created years ago to honor the 100% UV filtering of oakley's Plutonite® lens material.
The Polished Black frame carries icons of solar orange, and the earstems have graphics from the original ad. To protect eyes from the blinding rays of a sun in full blitz, oakley matched the frame with Black Iridium® lenses that balance light transmission to help maintain color recognition. There's also a custom Microclear™ bag to go along with this edition, and it’s handy for stowing the frame and cleaning the lenses.

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