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Thursday, August 16, 2012

adidas Originals Mercer ah19

adidas Originals eyewear Mercer (ah19 6053).
Lavendula Violet frame with Violet lense.

The Originals collection is part of adidas' Sport Heritage Division and represents a true fusion of sport authenticity and global street style.The collection seeks to extend the unique and authentic heritage of the lifestyle market.

SPX Frames

SPX is a high end material whose exceptional properties make it ideally suited for use in the eyewear industry. Flexibility and tensile force resistant guarantee top stability.

Polycarbonate Lenses

PC lenses provide 100% UV protection from harmful rays. Additionally the lenses are scratch-resistant avoiding any marks that would interfere with sight.

8 base decentered vision

Decentering of the optical center will result in distortion-free vision and permits the use of strongly curving filters that optimally envelop the eye. The lenses correspond to optical quality 1 level and guarantee total protection against UV A, B and C radiation.

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