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Monday, November 26, 2012

RudyProject Revenge

New in box RudyProject Revenge
WhiteGloss frame with MultiLaser Green lense

MultiLaser Green
Neutral lense with 21% Light Transmission

RudyProject Revenge
White Gloss frame with Multilaser Red lense

The Rudy Project Revenge is agile, ambitious, light weight and has your performance in mind. Super stylish mirrored lenses characterize this mask-style model which is just perfect for all dynamic sports that require comfortable, reliable and lightweight eyewear. Perfect visibility in all light conditions is ensured by the Quick Change lens system, making it quick and easy to interchange lenses to suit specific weather conditions.

Smaller version: Ability

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Monday, November 19, 2012

ToughGirl MtBorah jersey

Used Tough Girl jersey custom made by MtBorah in size S..
Comes with a set of matching arm protector.

17.5 inches armpit to armpit
25 inches back down

Full length zipper
3 Back-Pockets

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

RudyProject Gozen

RudyProject Gozen in FrozenAsh frame with Laser Black lense..

“Technically cool”: two words that sum up the philosophy that has always characterized Rudy Project, and of which GOZEN is the perfect expression.
The Rudy Project Gozen sport sunglass is the ultimate in comfort and wrap around style that's loaded with all the features need to perform at the peak!

With its 360ยบ adjustable temple tips, GOZEN also guarantees maximum contact with the face and a perfect fit, basically so athletes won't lose their glasses or have to let go of the handlebars while cycling.

Fitting the lenses is quick and easy thanks to the cutting-edge “Flip Change Technology”, a system patented by Rudy Project that makes replacement a simple operation: just flip up the front insert, insert the lenses, and then close it with a simple motion.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RudyProject Hypermask

RudyProject HyperMask
FrozenAsh frame with MultiLaser Red lense

The Rudy Project Hypermask is the model that combines the best in technology for sport with a tough, determined look. With its wraparound design, the mask style lenses and eye-catching colours Hypermask is perfect to wear at any time, both for those moments of relaxation, and for those dedicated to sports. Weighing just 28 grams, Hypermask glasses are so light they can be worn for hours, without realizing you are wearing them, and always in total comfort their adjustable nosepiece and soft rubber temple tips guarantee stability, perfect face fit and excellent air circulation to prevent fogging.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

RudyProject Genetyk RacingPro

Rudy Project Genetyk Racing Pro YellowFluo with MultiLaser Blue lense
Multi-Laser Blue
The Multilaser series have been developed with a special process implementing very thin "mirror" coatings on the lens surface, improving therefore its resistance and its superb cosmetic aspect.

Based on a super-light full-wrap shield design implementing Rudy Project's Quick Change™ lens replacement technology - no twisting, sliding or shaking required - the Genetyk is the latest in hi-tech sporting eyewear from the company writing the book on Technically Cool. The Genetyk also features hallmark Rudy Project features like 360-degree fully adjustable temples and the similarly fully adjustable ErgoIV™ nosepiece for that perfect customized fit.

Performance Optical Insert FR05 00 00 available for those who need prescription..