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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

RudyProject Rydon Golf

RudyProject Rydon
DemiTurtle Gloss frame with Golf100 lense

GOLF 100™ lenses provide a unique balance of target and background brightness. The transmission of 25% was tailored to accomodate for grass reflecting only a low amount of incident light. While controlling low level blue light, the middle range is selectively manipulated to provide optimum visual stimulation and distinctive "object illumination". 

  • RudyProject Rydon, ImpactX Golf edition carbon frame with the highest quality ImpactX Photochromatic lense.
  • Formulated exclusively for Rudy Project, this revolutionary lens has been tailored to offer all the assets of the prestigious Golf/Tennis 100™ optics, but perfected with ImpactX™ technology and photochromatic properties. 
  • This lens provides cutting-edge, truly unique climatic management technology, astounding clarity across the green and unparalleled eye protection. The photochromatic lens changes from 38% to 13% light transmission in seconds. 
  • Using QuickChange technology, lenses can be easily changed.
  • This Rydon is prescription-ready, either with Rudy's easy-in-easy-out patented RX insert, or direct with Rudy's revolutionary ImpactRX program powered by Shamir digital freeform technology.

Density gr/cm32,531,321,221,011,11
Refractive index1,521,501,591,511,53
Abbe number58,457,8295245
Chemical resistanceGoodGoodPoorMediumGood
Stress crackingFragileFragileSensitiveSensitiveNot sensitive
Suitable for sportsNoNoGoodMediumExcellent

Rudy Project Sunglasses have received Members Seal of Approval from
PGA Magazine Partners Club

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