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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RudyProject Slinger

RudyProject Slinger in White Silver
size S/M : 54-58cm @ 21.25"-22.75"

An innovative design, a striking, streamlined silhouette, superior performance. The SLINGER helmet uses In-Mold technology to provide a strong, comfortable structure and a system of 13 vents strategically positioned to exploit airflow to best effect and ensure constant ventilation within the helmet.

The retention system is an integral part of the helmet and makes it safe and comfortable. The system is based on a rotating contact disk, the latest technological evolution designed by Rudy Project. The Slinger has reinforced sliders, special protective fins and a rear bridge with cross vents to secure the straps.

Lastly, the precise micro-chrometric front/back and height adjustment system provides a customized fit and exceptional stability, easily adjustable on-the-go.The lining is made in microporous sponge coupled with hypoallergenic and anti-sweat absorbent strip. Designed to meet the road bike demands..

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Friday, February 22, 2013

adidas Originals Petrovka ah11

New in box adidas Originals Petrovka ah11-6056.
Chamaeleon Brown frame with Amber lense..
The Adidas Originals Petrovka model is named after Moscow's number 1 shopping mile. The floral prints are their most eye-catching design feature. The pattern that was fully adopted from the world of interior design is only applied to parts of the frame.

The Originals collection is part of adidas' Sport Heritage Division and represents a true fusion of sport authenticity and global street style.The collection seeks to extend the unique and authentic heritage of the lifestyle market. The lenses correspond to optical quality 1 level and guarantee total protection against UV A, B and C radiation.
Made of SPX
SPX is a high end material whose exceptional properties make it ideally suited for use in the eyewear industry. Flexibility and tensile force resistant guarantee top stability. 

Polycarbonate Lenses
PC lenses provide 100% UV protection from harmful rays. Additionally the lenses are scratch-resistant avoiding any marks that would interfere with sight.

8-base Decentered Vision
Decentering of the optical center will result in distortion-free vision and permits the use of strongly curving filters that optimally envelop the eye.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

adidas Originals MiamiBeach ah16

adidas Originals MiamiBeach (ah16 6050) sunglasses
Black Gloss frame with Chrome lense.

adidas MiamiBeach (ah16 6052)
Purple Ash frame with Light Maroon lense

Durable adidas sunglasses are the leader in sports eyewear. The latest technologies and most up to date designs put adidas Miami Beach sunglasses ahead of the pack. Flex temples and soft saddle bridges provide a comfortable, fit in casual sun wear.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

oakley FuelCell Team USA

oakley FuelCell in Team USA scheme

Oakley is the official licensee and eyewear supplier to Team USA and the U.S. Olympic Committee for the London Olympics. Celebrating the honor with a special collection that carries the colors of pride and patriotism. With each sale of this special edition sunglass, Oakley will provide a portion of the proceeds directly to the U.S. Olympic Committee, which is a non-profit organization tasked with raising money to support the U.S. Olympic and U.S. Paralympics teams.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shimano R300 road shoe

Shimano's top-end SH-R300 road shoes
Custom-fit performance and comfort for the masses

Shimano's latest SH-R300 road shoes incorporate heat-mouldable materials throughout nearly the entire upper and even the insole for a quality of fit that approaches some of the best custom models. The vacuum-assisted fitting process does require a trip to a Shimano dealer for a proper fit but the results are well worthwhile as it yields a more even feel around the foot than more manual processes.

Shimano supplements the solid hold of the sock-like fit with its now-standard mix of a wide ratcheting main strap and two offset Velcro forefoot straps. Out back, a special 'cat's tongue' heel lining incorporates small metal fibers for an even more heel hold. When paired with the stiff and lightweight double-hollow carbon sole plate (which wraps partially around the heel), the result is a fantastically secure fitting shoe with excellent power transfer, limited heel lift on the upstroke and comfort that lasts straight through to the final 10km of a race.

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