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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RudyProject Slinger

RudyProject Slinger in White Silver
size S/M : 54-58cm @ 21.25"-22.75"

An innovative design, a striking, streamlined silhouette, superior performance. The SLINGER helmet uses In-Mold technology to provide a strong, comfortable structure and a system of 13 vents strategically positioned to exploit airflow to best effect and ensure constant ventilation within the helmet.

The retention system is an integral part of the helmet and makes it safe and comfortable. The system is based on a rotating contact disk, the latest technological evolution designed by Rudy Project. The Slinger has reinforced sliders, special protective fins and a rear bridge with cross vents to secure the straps.

Lastly, the precise micro-chrometric front/back and height adjustment system provides a customized fit and exceptional stability, easily adjustable on-the-go.The lining is made in microporous sponge coupled with hypoallergenic and anti-sweat absorbent strip. Designed to meet the road bike demands..

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