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Monday, June 24, 2013

adidas T-Sight L

 adidas T-Sight L in Black frame (6050) and LST lense.

Prescription Insert compatible (a779).
  • LST-Golf lense for All-Day solar protection. Shade Factor 3 with 88% Light Absorption.
  • Wrap-Around Technic® provide widest field of vision as well as a snug fit and assurance it will not dismount.
  • Made from SPX and extra-light break-proof material with durability and resistant to exreme temperatures.
  • FlexZones® incorporate into the SPX Frame give extra flexibility allowing the eye-wear to stretch and adapt to face easily.
  • Double-Snap nose bridge® provides double level height adjustment of the nose bridge to suit individual wearer. Made of a non-slip, soft material for secure and comfortable.
  • TriFit Temple® with 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8-degree to find the optimum fit for each wearer.
  • TractionGrip® intregrated into the temples providing a non-slip, pressure-free and stable fit.
  • Rather than the frame getting damage, the QuickRelease Hinge® release temples under exertion of impact force. This patented release mechanism for the temple hinges free frame from possible strain or breakage.
  • Decentered Vision Advantage Lense® enables extremely curved lense while still providing distortion-free vision.

The adidas T-Sight was launched in 2006 modelled on the frame of the 2006 Eurobike award winner, adidas SuperNova, been modified in that the lens shape provide wider protection.
SuperNova is widely wear by German cyclist including Andreas Kloden, Gerarld Ciolek, Sebastian Lang...

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