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Sunday, August 25, 2013

RudyProject Magster Team

RudyProject Magster TeamEdition, with 2 sets of lenses:
MultiLaser Blue with 21% Light Transmission

RacingRed with 28% Light Transmission
High optical quality lenses in high definition Polycarbonate treated with multi layered coating to enhance visual depth and eliminate eye fatigue.

Sporting fully adjustable temple tips and nosepads for that exact, custom fit to the newly engineered front emblem with air vents to prevent foggging, the Magster is sure to outperform your expectations and keep you looking stylish while doing it! Other features such as interchangeable lenses and optional Rx adapters make this frame not only technical but very versitile.

It borrows design cues from their Rydon and Noyz models while incorporating a few new technologies for the brand. On top of its perfect design, the Magster introduces two new
innovative Rudy Project features: the Safety Project Antishock Megol Pads and stainless steel perforated grill that allows for optimal airflow to prevent fogging – both industry firsts!

Specifically designed to fit the broadest range of head sizes and face shapes using a tedious but very effective digital modeling system, the Magster is intended to easily outperform the competition with its virtual custom fit design and classic foundations. Truly a marvel in innovation by incorporating anti‐fog air ventilation into the frame, the Magster could have come only from the industry’s most creative minds at Rudy Project and will excite even the most skeptical techies. Another unique innovation, the Magster utilizes anti‐shock pads made from megol, a highly engineered designer plastic compound embedded into both the frame and lens to
create a vibration dampening system. Combine this with the latest, fully adjustable Ergonose IV nose piece, 360° fully adjustable temple tips and an unbelievably simple and intuitive Quick Change™ system for lens removal and exchange, you get a completely customized fit, versatile eyewear piece with fog‐free optics and all‐day comfort.

“When I was racing, the Rydon was my favorite Rudy Project sunglass because of its perfect balance, fit and wraparound eye coverage,” said cycling legend, Erik Zabel, who also serves as a Rudy Project technical advisor on new products. “In developing the Magster, I wanted to help create something that could take the Rydon’s perfect design and, somehow, improve on that perfection. After testing for hundreds of hours on the bike, I can say the Magster is now my favorite sunglass for riding and will definitely be my go‐to pair from now on!”

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