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Monday, January 27, 2014

RudyProject Ryzer

Rudy Project Ryzer in White frame with ImpactX Photochromic Clear lense.

ImpactX lenses
18-78% Light Transmission
Since the development of CR-39 and Polycarbonate over 40 years ago, there have been few advances and innovations in high impact-resistant optical polymer development. ImpactX™ is a family of patented polyurethane optical polymers, transparent and unbreakable, originally developed for the military to provide superior protection and performance. ImpactX™ was born in the USA in the early 1990's when the U.S. Government contracted Simula Technologies to develop a new bullet-proof, transparent, and light-weight material capable of providing superior protection, reliability and longer lasting performance than polycarbonate. This material is also used in the windows in post Sept. 11 cockpit doors being installed on airplanes and Apache helicopter windshields panels; it is today available for Rudy Project Eyewear under a unique and unparalleled lens program: ImpactX™.

The Rudy Project Ryzer features patented Flip Change interchangeable lens technology, 360 degree adjustable temples and nose pads and each frame comes with a set of racing side emblems. Ryzer is a customizable sport sunglass with an aggressive and attractive design. With the frame, the enhancers can be changed to customize the glasses depending on the mood of the moment.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lazer Argon AR1

 Lazer Argon AR1 sunglasses.
Matte Gun Metal frame with 3 sets of lenses
(Smoke Blue, Lazer Yellow, Clear)

Lazer Argon AR1 sunglasses.
Matt Orange frame with 3 sets of lenses
(Smoke Silver, Lazer Yellow, Clear)

The Lazer Argon is made for those who don't like the lower frames of their sunglasses obstructing their view. An Ultragrip nosepiece and temples keep the Argon firmly on your face. The nosepiece and temples are also flexible, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your head.

Lazer Vision ™ Panorama Optics
Panorama Optics enhances and widens the field of clear vision to provide the wearer a sharper, clearer view as the eye moves from the center of the lens to the outer edge.

Lightweight Grilamid frame material combined with adjustable temples and nosepieces allow for a quick custom fit.

Lazer Flex Adjustable Nosepiece and Temples
Ultragrip nosepieces and temples keep the eyewear in place no matter what conditions Mother Nature stirs up.

Weight 32g.

As worn by Team Lotto Belisol, Team Katusha and Farnese Vini, Lazer has had over 90 years experience perfecting their brand. Their objective is to find an excellent synergy between design, comfort, safety and technology. With champions such as Paolo Bettini, Miguel Martinez, Axel Merckx and Tom Boonen teaming up with Lazer you can be certain that the product you are getting is designed for the professionals.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Argos Shimano Team Kit

Team Argos Shimano jersey, bibs and promotional bag..
only size S available

Argos Shimano jersey by Pearlizumi
- Moisture transfer quick dry fabric.
- Direct-vent panels provide superior ventilation.
- Flatlock seams for laering comfort.
- Elasticized gripper on back to keep hem in place.

Sublimated Graphics Bib Shorts by Pearlizumi
- Anatomic multi-panel design.
- Flatlock seams.
- Mesh bib upper providesstability with comfort.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Shimano SH-R086

The Shimano SH-R086-E with Micro-adjust buckle secures foot and allows subtle adjustments. Dual layer mesh provides excellent breatheability. Lightweight fiberglass reinforced polyamide outer sole balances stiffness and compliance for sports. SPD-SL and SPD cleat compatible.

Micro-adjust buckle secures foot and allows subtle adjustments
Dual layer mesh provides excellent breatheability
Lightweight fiberglass reinforced polyamide outer sole
Stretch resistant synthetic fabric ensures a breathable and durable shoe with and excellent fit
Air holes in the sole increase ventilation
Reflective detailing on the heel help keep you more visible in low light conditions
SPD-SL and SPD cleat compatible

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Friday, January 17, 2014

oakley DispatchII Fathom

oakley DispatchII, Limited Fathom Edition
Polished Black Fathom frame with Black Iridium lense

Somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea, the Oakley Graphics Kitchen cooked up a wickedly original design concept called Fathom. Four premium sunglasses were selected for the eyewear collection, and accents range from the magma orange of deep sea vents to the yellow of corals and the blue of shimmering shallows. It’s a color palette that paints you as a true individual, so no more swimming with the school of uninspired style.

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