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Sunday, April 13, 2014

oakley RadarLock GP75

oakley RadarLock GP75 Collection
Matte Blue Ice frame with Black Iridium lense + Clear lense

Black Iridium
Extremely bright light. Excellent all-purpose lens for sunny conditions. Offers truer color perception. Features an Iridium® coating to reduce glare.
Light Transmission: 10%
Protection Index: 3 Neutral
Conditions: Extremely bright light

Very low light or indoor use only. Allows the maximum amount of light through while still filtering out 100% of all harmful uv.
Light Transmission: 93%
Protection Index: 1 Neutral
Conditions: Very low light, Indoor use

Oakley GP-75 Radarlock Sunglasses follow in the styling traditon of the original Oakley Blades. That is to say, styling based purely on high-performance function. Oakley performance features have come a long way since the Blade, though. From Switchlock Lens Technology to High Definition Optics, the Radarlock is packing some of the most innovative technology for until-now-unheard-of optical performance. On top of that, Oakley added GP-75 Limited Edition styling for a truly exclusive look.

GP-75 stands for General Purpose 1975. They are a limited edition series from Oakley's Graphic Design Range. They are a "celebration of Oakley's artwork which has been rendered into a frame".

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