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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sidi Genius 6.6

Sidi Genius6.6 Carbon Lite in size 39.5

The Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite is Sidi’s answer to the pursuit of the perfect shoe. The Genius line has long been the most popular of their road shoes, and the 2012 version is no exception.

Caliper buckle and 2 high security Velcro front straps
Patented full carbon sole provides positive power transfer
Adjustable Heel System cup prevents power robbing heel lift
Compatible with the adjustment memory feature on Look cleats
Soft instep closure system evenly distributes pressure for optimal comfort and performance

Closure Systems:
The Genius 6.6 has 3 closure mechanisms for a completely secure, comfortable and adjustable fit no matter how hard you ride.

Sidi Caliper Buckle With Soft instep Closure:
The Sidi calliper buckle offers fast and convenient micrometric closure that can be adjusted on the fly, even whilst riding. The soft instep closure system can be adjusted to accommodate a high or a low instep without the use of an extender kit. It has a wide, padded strap that distributes pressure evenly over the arch area and is adjustable from both sides for perfect alignment. The calliper buckle and strap are serviceable and available as spares.

2 High Security Velcro Straps:
High security Velcro has integrated strips of locking polymer teeth that engage with each other when the strap is closed for a totally secure fit and a longer lifespan.

Heel Retention Device:
The adjustable heel retention device has been redesigned for 2012. It reinforces the top of the heel cup and improves fit by closing the back of the shoe more securely around the ankle so that it doesn't slip during steep climbs or sprints. It can be adjusted with two small screws that tighten independently. The heel retention device is great for high milage rides when numbess becomes a problem as it allows you to loosen the front closures for better circulation and feeling.

Carbon Lite Sole
Sidi developed and refined the carbon lite sole to meet the needs of pro cyclists riding high mileages at high intensities. The innovative carbon lay-up uses composite materials configured to maximise resistance to stress and minimize weight and thickness.
The Carbon Lite Sole is constructed to provide a small amount of flex in the toe while retaining excellent stiffness throughout the body of the shoe, this ensures optimum rigidity and power transfer without compromising blood circulation for long term comfort and performance.
For walkability, the Carbon Lite Sole includes an anti-slip insert at the toe and a replaceable heel pad. A 10mm horizontal and vertical cleat alignment scale is moulded into the sole as well as a Look Memory Eyelet for accurate cleat replacement every time.

Comparing the Genius 6.6 Vent Carbon Shoes to Sidi's flagship Wire shoe, you'll find the same carbon fiber sole, the same adjustable Heel Security System (HSS), and an identical intake vent system. In fact, the two really only part ways on a few points-- aesthetics, a closure system, and price.

Hailed as Ivan Basso's favorite shoes, the Genius 6.6 features a more traditional exterior design than the Wire. This is most apparent when examining the shoes most predominant aesthetic features, the closure system. In lieu of the Wire's Techno 3 buckle system, the 6.6 opts for Sidi's tried-and-true, two-way ratcheting Caliper Buckle. Assuredly, you've seen the Caliper Buckle imitated by lesser shoemakers, however, this design was invented by Sidi decades ago. The system allows for incremental adjustments, either pre-ride or on-the-fly, and it's further complimented by Sidi's take on two hook-and-loop straps. Not your standard Velcro, these two volume-controlling straps feature Sidi's patented High Security Velcro. So, you'll never experience any fraying, wear, or loosening of the Velcro over any period of time. Together, as a system, the three-point closure system ensures that you get the perfect fit every single time that you buckle up for a ride. And for those who prefer as snug a fit as possible, the shoe's tongue and instep strap have both been padded generously to allow for supreme comfort with tight buckles.

As stated, the Genius 6.6 shares the same sole as the Wire. Based off of the Ergo 3, the 6.6 sole features the superlative vented carbon fiber. It shares the same construction method that Sidi developed with its Carbon Lite sole, yet Sidi has removed around 38 grams in the process. Even with the weight savings, you'll get the same kind of stiffness and razor sharp power transfer you've grown to expect from Sidi. And like Garneau's Ergo Air system, the vent inlet is at the toe. However, Sidi's system can be opened or closed depending on the temperature and your preferences. This, you can do on the bike if necessary. The airflow moves underneath and through the insole to cool your feet in sweltering summer temperatures.

Also returning from previous top-shelf offerings is Sidi's vastly improved Heel Security System (or HSS) to keep your foot positively planted in the shoe. By means of a small allen key, it's an adjustable, rigid composite band that closes the shoe more securely over your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles. So, no matter how much power you're pouring into the pedals, your heel will stay in place inside the shoe. It's a detail that allows you to cinch down the straps of your shoes less tightly -- giving you more comfort along with more security.

With a degree of engineered flex in the Vent Carbon Sole, and a secure and slip-free heel, you won't have to worry about hot spots. And you especially don't have to worry about heat in the rest of your feet, either. With the Genius' combination of Lorica microfiber, ballistic mesh, and new Comfort Fit insoles, you'll receive comfort, a perfect fit, ample ventilation, and season-after-season durability.

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