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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shimano S70X sunglasses

New in box Shimano S70X sunglasses.
Material White frame with Polarized Brown lense + Clear lense

Lightweight, strong and durable Grilamid TR90 material CNC-moulding for ultimate precision, symmetry and quality. Dual injection moulded non-toxic TPE temple-tips. Fully adjustable nose-piece. Adjuster for glass angle (setting 16 °).

Strong, rigid and lightweight Lexan® material (by Gen. Electric). Full UV 400 protection. Special anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment. Polarized Brown lenses with 13% light transmission and replacement lenses in  Clear (90.7%).

The S70X is immediately recogniseable by its outspoken design. The fully integrated "Metal Fit Design" is debet to the optical and technical properties of this model. The full frame design provides a stable construction and distinctive look while the visible integrated Beta-titanium wires are providing the unique comfort. In combination with the 3D Digital Fit Technology and the additional adjustment features this model oozes X-Factor.

S.M.F.D. Shimano Metal Fit Design

There are numerous shapes of human heads around the Globe. With our new eyewear we are aiming at the Global market, meaning that the eyewear shapes we use must be flexible enough to suit all types of heads. Therefore we use Beta-titanium material for the tension in the eyewear. Beta-titanium is the best metal material for eyewear because of its high rigidity versus elasticity ratio, lightweight and strong anti corrosion properties. This elasticity modulus of Beta-titanium metal is 1000 times higher than most of the plastics used in normal eyewear. This means we can determine a much more precise tension to create your perfect fit!

Lens Angle Adjustment

Extensive research proves that human eyes tend to point slightly downwards. Ordinary eyewear is designed for daily usage and therefore designed for downward looking eyes. However, people have to look upwards when they ride the bike, especially on a racing bike. Shimano created a special lens angle adjuster which makes it possible to adjust your eyewear to an ideal fit in all situations. The lens angle adjuster has 3 fixed angle-positions +8 degrees for upward, 0 degrees and -8 degrees for downwards. This enables perfect vision, everywhere you go.

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