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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ergon SR3-L saddle

Ergon SR3-L Ergonomic Road saddle
- Innovative 3D saddle shell for optimal ergonomics
- Progressive damping due to innovative integrated padding composition
- Ultra-thin flex optimized saddle shell

Designed specifically for road riders, the Ergon SR3 features a 3D formed carbon shell and lightweight TiNox hollow rails that connect at the rear of the saddle, instead of under your sit bones. This results in a durable, light weight, and comfortable saddle with excellent vibration reduction. Ergon uses an Alocosto micro-fiber cover that is soft, breathable, and easy to clean, with a friction minimizing silicon coating that prevents chaffing. 

The entry level version of the SR3 saddle is still packed with innovation. For example the 3D form of the saddle shell allows for significantly more padding where the riders weight sits on the saddle, while the specially placed strengthening ribs in the ultra-thin carbon shell provide uniform flex and increased comfort.
3 saddle sizes ensure that the appropriate width is available for different riders and positions on the bike. Size specific saddle mounts are 8mm further forward on the size L saddles to allow larger riders adequate setback. Available in sizes S, M and L for the perfect fit for all riders.

Weight - S (Small) approx. 230g / M (Medium) approx. 250g / L (Large) approx. 260g
Rails - TiNox
Shell - Glass Fibre Composite Ultra Thin Y-Flex Contructiony
Padding - High Performance Comfort Foam
Use - Road

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