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Friday, July 11, 2014

oakley Gascan 3D Adventures of TinTin

New in box Special Edition Adventures of Tintin 3D Gascan Eyewear
Tintin/Polished Rootbeer Frame with HDO-3D Lens

Specifically designed for the viewing of 3D content (RealD)
Optimized with HDO-3D lens technology
Oakley 3D glasses are optimized for indoor cinema application and are not intended for outdoor use
Use this unique rendition of Oakley 3D Gascan in any RealD movie theater.

The Oakley 3D Gascan® The Adventures of Tintin Special Edition has a Polished Rootbeer frame with art inspired by the movie, and it comes with a custom Microclear™ bag for storage and lens cleaning. This is more than just a coveted collectible. Oakley is setting the standard for optical performance in 3D, and this premium design is optimized with HDO-3D technology.

Oakley 3D Gascan is the world’s first optically correct 3D eyewear, and that has nothing to do with prescription correction. Conventional non-prescription lenses can distort vision, but thanks to HDO-3D technology, these glasses give you the best possible 3D experience. They provide truer alignment of 3D images so you won’t see the ghosting that comes with ordinary 3D glasses. Engineered with a lens shape that minimizes reflections and glare, they’re the first 3D glasses ever made with high-wrap lens curvature for a wide field of view, and the optics give you truer perception of the colors intended by the film director for every shot. Comfort is optimized with lightweight O Matter® frame material and a precise Three-Point Fit.

WHY oakley 3D??
Optical Clarity and Fidelity: 
With HDO-3D™, your vision is razor sharp and accurate. In fact, Oakley 3D Gascan is the first on the planet to have optically correct 3D lenses. Ordinary non-prescription lenses can distort your vision by magnifying images and making objects appear shifted from their true position. HDO-3D™ virtually eliminates these kinds of visual distortion.

Truer Alignment of 3D Images:
Inferior 3D lenses can result in ’ghosting“ or ’crosstalk“ between the images that reach each eye from one moment to the next. These annoying visual artifacts can ruin your entertainment experience. HDO-3D™ lenses achieve the 3D effect with precision and efficiency to ensure truer alignment of images, virtually eliminating crosstalk, so you will get the most out of the 3D experience.

Truer Colors:
Some 3D lenses can subtly change your perception of colors, diminishing the fidelity of what the director intended for the movie. HDO-3D™ lenses offer an uncompromising level of color fidelity so you will see what the director had in mind for every shot.

Better Light Management:
Reflections and glare can ruin a 3D entertainment experience. HDO-3D™ lenses have cylindrical base curvature that virtually eliminates reflections and glare, unlike “flatter” 3D lenses that fail to address the problem. Thanks to HDO-3D™, Oakley can offer the world’s first 3D lenses with high-wrap curvature.

Optimized Durability:
The disposable 3D glasses in movie theaters are fragile and the lenses are easily scratched. HDO-3D™ lenses are made of a material that resists scratches, and with Oakley eyewear, you are getting a level of durability that comes from decades of innovation. © 2011 PPC.

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