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Friday, August 29, 2014

RudyProject Exowind

New in box RudyProject Exowind
Frozen Ash frame with Smoke lense
White Tips & Black Pads

With a modern look and wraparound design, these sunglasses feature extraordinary Rudy Project technology: a new Ergo IV nose pad, interchangeable Quick Change lenses, essential for the optimal management of any lighting condition, and RX clip-on optical inserts that can be attached behind the lenses.

Exowind sunglasses are distinguished by their strong personality that will please even the most demanding athletes and are available with the latest ImpactRX photochromic prescription lenses with anti-glare treatment incorporating the most advanced optical technology.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

BaileyHundo Primal jersey

New with tag Bailey Hundo jersey by Primal Wear.
Size S, Euro 2. Men's Sport Cut

Raglan jersey
Full length zipper

20 inches armpit to armpit
22 inches along the front

SpeedPro Fabric:
Plaited double knit fabric with a micro yarn on the face and a higher denier filament yarn on the back. Double knit fabric has a push pull effect, pulling moisture from the back and pushing it off the face to keep cool and dry. Excellent fabric for sublimation. 2-way mechanical stretch.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

fi'zi:k Antares Versus

fi'zi:k Anteras Versus saddle, mount on the bike once, in new condition.

Made for Chameleon:
Versus realizes that select consumers have been asking fi'zi:k for a model with a relief zone. fi'zi:k is now presenting the best channel option in conjuction with the Spine Concept saddle shapes.

Versus is not just a new product.
Versus is a complete range of saddles that combines the Spine Concept, fi'zi:k technology and new consumers needs.
Versus is a solid base design with an ergonomic channel spanning the length of the saddle.

Shell: Nylon Carbon Reinforced
Rail: K:ium
Padding: Low Density with Relief Channel
Cover: Glossy Black Microtex
Thigh Glides: Glossy Black Microtex
Weight: 209 gr
Dimensions: 274x142 mm

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Italy GranFondo Vermarc jersey

New with tag Italy Gran Fondo cycling jersey in size M
Made in Italy by Vermarc Sport

Featuring the new TVX Fabric (Total Vapor Exchange), made up of two different types of yarns:
A loose-spun yarn on the inside of the fabric soaks up moisture quickly and removes it to the outside surface. A second tighter-spun yarn on the outer fabric surface collects the moisture and allows it to evaporate. The inner surface of the garment always feels dry, even if the outside is wet.

Try putting a few drops of water on the inside of TVX fabric, then feel the outside. You will feel why you'll stay cool and dry on the bike.

- Full length zipper
- 3 back pockets
- 19.5 inches armpit to armpit
- 19.5 inches along the front

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lazer Helium World Champion

Lazer Helium helmet in World Champion Stripe XL-XXL

Lazer Helium road helmet is Lazer's premiere road helmet and neither the design nor the structure will dissapoint.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lazer Magneto M1

New in box Lazer Magneto sunglasses
Crystal Red frame with 3 sets of lenses.
Comes together with the Magclips and the standard Temple..

New in box Lazer Magneto sunglasses
Crystal Smoke frame with 3 sets of lenses.
Comes together with the Magclips and the standard Temple..

New in box Lazer Magneto sunglasses
Crystal Blue frame with 3 sets of lenses.
Comes together with the Magclips and the standard Temple..

New in box Lazer Magneto sunglasses
Gloss White frame with 3 sets of lenses.
Comes together with the Magclips and the standard Temple..

The pinnacle of eyewear innovation
Who else but Lazer can combine magnets and eyewear for a successful combination… The Magneto eyewear brings you the ultimate form of comfort when it comes to sunglasses.

Due to an innovative and unique helmet/sunglass interface the Magneto works together with the helmet to create a completely new experience. Because the eyewear has no traditional temples it doesn’t create any pressure points making it comfortable, even during long rides.

The magnets in the helmet tabs connect with 2 Magclips that attach to your forward most helmet strap. Moving the Magclips up or down creates a custom fit, while pushing the Magneto forward or backward creates distance between the eyewear and the face. When you don’t want the Magneto on your face, the clever Magdoc system provides a way for you to install the sunglasses on your helmet.

Magnetic temples
Magneto is an award winning and revolutionary sunglass/helmet interface that offers the user improved comfort and superior fit. Recognizing that traditional sunglass temples cause trouble for some wearers both in terms of fit, contact with the helmet’s retention system and added pressure to the side of the head at the contact points, Lazer has eliminated these temple pieces and replaced them with a clever magnetic attachment system. The helmet strap features two clips with a small piece of rubber-coated metal at the center, this allows for an attachment with magnets that are imbedded in two short tabs that connect to the sunglass lens.

The result is a secure fit of the lens on the face but with the ability for adjustment both up and down and forewords and backwards.

With Magneto in use there is no possibility for interference of the Rollsys® retention system and the side of the head is left unobstructed to keep cool. The absence of normal sunglass temples also results in very little pressure on the user’s head which eliminates headaches and fatigue during a long day in the saddle. Alternatively there are standard sunglass temples included, allowing you to take Magneto with you wherever you go.

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