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Friday, October 31, 2014

Lazer SolidState SS1


The Solid State eyewear gives pro rider style combined with top level performance. The shield lens provides solid covering and a wide field of view while the vents make sure it doesn’t fog up.

Lazer Vision ™ Panorama Optics
Panorama Optics enhances and widens the field of clear vision to provide the wearer a sharper, clearer view as the eye moves from the center of the lens to the outer edge.

Lightweight Grilamid frame material combined with adjustable temples and nosepieces allow for a quick custom fit.

Lazer Flex Adjustable Nosepiece and Temples
Ultragrip nosepieces and temples keep the eyewear in place no matter what conditions Mother Nature stirs up.

Weight 34g.

As worn by Team Lotto Belisol, Team Katusha and Farnese Vini, Lazer has had over 90 years experience perfecting their brand. Their objective is to find an excellent synergy between design, comfort, safety and technology. With champions such as Paolo Bettini, Miguel Martinez, Axel Merckx and Tom Boonen teaming up with Lazer you can be certain that the product you are getting is designed for the professionals.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

oakley RadarLock Fathom

oakley Radarlock Fathom Limited Edition
Ice Iridium Vented and Clear Vented lense

Ice Iridium Vented
Neutral grey base tint provides truer color perception. Highly reflective blue Iridium coating reduces glare while providing a distinctive mirrored finish. Ideal for bright conditions.
Light Transmission: 18%
Conditions: Intense to Extremely Bright Light
Protection Index: 3 (Neutral)

Clear Vented
Very low light or indoor use only. Allows the maximum amount of light through while still filtering out 100% of all harmful uv.
Light Transmission: 93%
Conditions: Very low Light / Indoor Use
Protection Index: 0

Somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea, the Oakley Graphics Kitchen cooked up a wickedly original design concept called Fathom. Four premium sunglasses were selected for the eyewear collection, and accents range from the magma orange of deep sea vents to the yellow of corals and the blue of shimmering shallows. It’s a color palette that paints you as a true individual, so no more swimming with the school of uninspired style.

Oakley Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology lets you adapt your vision quickly with no hassles, and that’s part of what makes RadarLock® essential gear for pro athletes. Fathom RadarLock® comes with two lens sets: Black Iridium® for bright sun, and Clear for dim environments where you still need protection against wind and impact. With yellow icons and blue hits on its Black frame, the Fathom RadarLock puts personality into performance.The earstems fit under your cycling helmet while the frame design extends the angle of view when your head is tilted downward during a ride or race.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

oakley Radar Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro #51 signature on the lense edge..

Silver with Black Ghost Text frame - 24-227
Slate Iridium Vented Path lense.
Home Edition
Quantity Produced: 1000

Often known simply as Ichiro, nicknamed “Ichi” & “The Hits Man”, is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Seattle Mariners. Ichiro has established a number of batting records, including the sport’s single-season record for base hits with 262. He has had nine consecutive 200-hit seasons, the longest streak by any player, surpassing Wee Willie Keeler. Pete Rose, who had ten non-consecutive 200-hit seasons, is the only player with more in his career than Ichiro.

Ichiro moved to the United States in 2001 after playing nine years for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan’s Pacific League. Posted by Orix after the 2000 season, Ichiro became Seattle’s right fielder. The second Japanese-born everyday position player in the major leagues, Ichiro led the AL in batting average and stolen bases en route to being named Rookie of the Year and MVP.

Ichiro is the first MLB player to enter the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame (The Golden Players Club). He has been voted onto nine All-Star teams by the fans, winning the 2007 All-Star MVP Award for a three-hit performance that included the event’s first-ever inside-the-park home run. Ichiro has won a Gold Glove award in each of his first nine years in the major leagues, and has had six hitting streaks of 20 or more games, with a high of 27.

Ichiro’s agent Tony Attanasio described his client’s status: “When you mail Ichiro something from the States, you only have to use that name on the address and he gets it [in Japan]. He’s that big.”

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

oakley RadarLock 30th anniversary

Polished Fog frame with Positive Red Iridium & Black Iridium lense

Positive Red Iridium
Medium to bright light. Features a neutral lens tint with an Iridium® coating to tune contrast and reduce glare.
Light Transmission: 15%
Conditions: medium to bright light
Protection Index: 3 (Contrast)

Black Iridium
Extremely bright light. Excellent all-purpose lens for sunny conditions. Offers truer color perception.
Features an Iridium® coating to reduce glare.
Light Transmission: 10%
Conditions: extremely bright light
Protection Index: 3 (Neutral)

Polished White frame with Fire Iridium & Black Iridium lense

Fire Iridium 
Medium to bright light. Improves visual acuity. Features an Iridium® coating to further tune contrast and reduce glare.
Light Transmission: 16%
Conditions: Medium to Bright Light
Protection Index: 3 (Contrast)

Black Iridium
Extremely bright light. Excellent all-purpose lens for sunny conditions. Offers truer color perception. Features an Iridium® coating to reduce glare.
Light Transmission: 10%
Conditions: extremely bright light
Protection Index: 3 (Neutral)

Heritage Collection
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oakley performance eyewear, the Heritage™ Collection salutes the evolution of a revolution by bringing back vintage rarities for a limited time. It’s a chance to own a piece of history with a classic look that shows your respect for sport heritage and smooth retro style.
Oakley invented the world’s first true performance eyewear in 1984, and over the decades more medals and championships have been won when wearing Oakley eyewear than with any other single sport product on Earth. Oakley opened the design vault for the 30 year anniversary and brought back three favorites with colors from the era that started it all.

A generic accessory became vital equipment when Oakley created the original Eyeshades sunglass. Featuring “2014” inside the frame, the Heritage Collection edition of this world-first performance eyewear comes with two sets of earstems [curved and straight]. Oakley Razor Blades continued the revolution that Eyeshades began; and the Heritage Collection edition comes with both straight and “trigger” shaped earstems. Topping off the trio is Oakley's lifestyle icon, Frogskins, the very first dual-lens design.

To let athletes pay tribute to sport heritage while enjoying state-of-the-art technology, the collection includes renditions of RadarLock™, Radar®, Flak Jacket® XLJ, and Racing Jacket®. Oakley's artists accented the top edge of each frame with a printed stripe graphic that carries the colors of the original eyewear creations from 30 years ago. A “30” graphic is laser etched at the corner of the lens in each edition.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

oakley Radar Straight Stem

Custom order oakley Radar Straight Stem
Team Red frame with VR28 Black Iridium lense

Normal Radar has a ventilation hole at both side of ear stem, this RadarS looks more clean and sleek without the ventilation hole.

VR28 Black Iridium
Medium to bright light. Filters blue light to increase contrast and improve depth perception in a wide variety of conditions. Features an Iridium® coating to diminish glare.
Light Transmission: 18%
Conditions: medium to bright light
Protection Index: 2 (Contrast)

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