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Thursday, December 11, 2014

briko Sprinter Klip

Vintage briko Sprinter Klip Kit
Glossy Metal Black frame with 2 set of lenses & optical clip:
ThramaHC 4000
Basic color is brown and its derivatives.  This name identifies the sports lenses that favor comfort in strong light situations.  These filters increase contrast and reduce glare so as to make them perfect for being used in full sun conditions, even at a high altitude.

ThramaHC Active Plus
Basic color is red and its derivatives.  The Plus lenses are sports lenses that increase visual efficiency and the degree of image definition in poor visibility and flat light conditions.  It is for this reason that they are ideal for speed sports, even in extreme conditions and situations.  They cut back the reaction time to improve both sports performance and safety.  The selective Thrama Plus filter is covered by international patents and has been tested by qualified scientific institutes.

Briko Sprinter featuring a specially designed crossbow frame with differentiated thickness, these sunglasses adapt to any head/face shape. This provides excellent adherence, which makes them ideal for extreme conditions in rafting, kayaking, biking and running. Thermolast nosepiece and Thermoflex temple ends create unequaled stability. Performance and comfort are the winning characteristics of these sunglasses.
Extreme use accessories include elastic band, brow pad and adhesive foam.

- Interchangeable Lenses fastened in conjunction with nosepiece
- Crossbow Grilamid frame provides durability and greater aeration
- Lack of frame on lens perimeter provides easy water run-off
- Nosepiece in Thermolast
- Temple ends in Thermoflex for comfort and stability
- Base 7 Lenses

The favourite shades of Pantani and Cipollini

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