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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

oakley Ravishing CaiaKoopman

oakley Ravishing Artist Series - Caia Koopman
Polished White frame with G40 Black Gradient lense

G40 Black Gradient
Medium to bright light. Muted rose tint for improved contrast and image resolution (visual clarity) in low light. Smooth transition in shading from darker top to lighter bottom.
Light Transmission: 19%
Conditions: medium to bright light
Protection Index: 2 Contrast

Caia Koopman was born in Livermore, CA and today resides down in sunny Oceanside. Growing up on the west coast when skateboarding was beginning to define a culture, she found her niche in the art world. Always involved in the surf, skate and snow community, which all run deep within the Oakley family, Caia’s “characters” have donned snowboards, skateboards and surfboards at times. Caia was chosen for the Oakley Women’s Artist Series for all these reasons as well as her graphic approach to painting. She uses strong lines, patterns and her shapes aredeeply defined. Not to mention she always mixes in nature to her compositions, making it a unique and beautiful masterpiece. Majoring in fine art and earning her B.A. at UC Santa Cruz, California, this is the place that seduced Caia to the local skateboarding scene. In addition to receiving an academic education, Caia also learned to skate ramps, streets, pools, and Derby Park. Skateboarding led to skateboard graphics, and her first limited edition team T-shirt design for Santa Cruz Skateboards. After earning her art degree, she turned her attention to snowboarding and spent many winters following the snow. It was her love for the sport that inspired Caia to strive for a career creating snowboard graphics and later branching out to become a commercial artist and finally a fine artist as well. Her artwork has been featured in numerous national and international print media including Surfing Girl, Mademoiselle, Details, Girl's Life, Snowboarder Magazine, Teen, Teen Style, Teen People, J-14, Fine , and others. Caia designed T-shirt graphics and promotional illustrations for many companies, such as: Quiksilver/Roxy, Hurley, Op, AT&T, and Casio. Caia’s paintings have been used commercially for many years as graphics for snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards. She has shown her paintings in a number of galleries around the world and most recently at La Luz de Jesus in LA. Caia is inspired by nature, dreams, politics, and life.

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