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Friday, February 6, 2015

adidas Optical Clips

RM 280
a779 - optical insert for adidas sport glasses

Suitable for:
a150 Supernova
a154/a155 T-Sight L/S
a163 agilis
a165/a165 adivista L/S
a170/a171 adizero L/S
a262 the shield
a376 retego
a382/a383 adilibria shield L/S
a385/a389 adilibria hlafrim L/S
a390/a391 adilibria halfrim II L/S

RM 280
a727 - optical insert for adidas sport glasses
The a727 is the rim performance insert or prescription insert allowing you to make up your glasses prescription for the following models:

Suitable for:
a123 gazelle L
a124 a18 golf
a126 evil eue pro L
a134 evil eye explorer L
a136 elevation climacool
a141 elevation pro
a266 evil eye L
This insert is the smaller shallower version of the a731.

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