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Monday, February 2, 2015

TAG Heuer Automatic Eyewear

TAG Heuer Automatic 0823-002 Pure/Black/Red

Lens width: 52 mm
Bridge: 20 mm
Arm: 142 mm

TAG Heuer Automatic 0822-002 Pure/Black/Red

Lens width: 53 mm
Bridge: 17 mm
Arm: 142 mm

It’s late. You’re driving. You don’t want risk losing control by taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. But you need your glasses.The Automatic’s patented technology responds. An revolutionary magnet system within the hinges allows you to unfold them in a single gesture, with a single hand. Genius. The most advanced engineering from TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear allows you to focus on where you’re going. Award-winning design in the service of your vision.

The automatic hinge design pops open in a single movement by means of a TAG Heuer patented magnetic mechanism. Exceptionally durable, this revolutionary technology represents a major innovation in terms of reactivity and safety.

The sharp, sleek profile of the temples express dynamism and speed — a concentrated volume of energy.

The powerful aesthetic presence of the Automatic derives from a unique alliance between urban elegance and a resolutely masculine character that is at once sporty, functional and high-tech.


The Autoflex pads adjust to all face shapes for optimal comfort. The elastomer temples are soft on the inferior side – the part in contact with your skin. Adjustable to all face shapes, they ensure ultimate ease of use and comfort.

The rigid temple construction in high-resistance elastomer provides extra support.

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