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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oakley FlakJacketXLJ Distressed Blue


oakley invent technology that sets you apart from sports competitors, and you can get it with a look of originality that sets you apart from the rest of the planet. This array bundle features a hand-painted frame with a distressed finish. No two are exactly alike, so feel free to consider yours a "one-and-only."

4 sets of lenses.. Positive red Iridium, G30 Iridium, VR28 Black Iridium & Black iridium

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Craft Basic shorts

New with tag Craft Active Bike Basic shorts in size M..
Soft, comfortable shorts offer great functionality with elastic leg endings and silicone grippers.

80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane
Loose, Comfortable fit with great Ergonomic properties
Silicone elastic at bottom leg
Signature Craft Active Padding

The Active Pad is designed to suit all kinds of riders and to make every ride a comfortable experience. The pad has been upgraded with improved anatomic characteristics as well as with a Hydrophilic Treatment that enhances the moisture transport thanks to a hollow fiber technology. The Active Pad is a seamless, laser cut, antimicrobial and gender-specific pad made of Oeko-Tex®-certified fabrics and foams of the highest quality. The pad provides the right support for all body movements thanks to its well-designed sitting area and 4-way stretch fabrics.

10 mm thickness in seated region
4 mm thickness in transition region
25 mm padded wing thickness

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

adidas adiZero L

adiZero L a170 6051
Shiny Aluminium Black frame with LST Polarized lense

LST Polarized
One key feature of adidas eyewear lenses is the combination of Light Stabilizing Technology™ with polarized filter technology, giving the eyes maximum protection and reducing fatigue. The special filters protect the wearer’s eyes effectively from light reflected off surfaces such as water, ice and snow.
The special filters have a protection level of 3 and provide 88% light absorption. They protect the wearer’s eyes from irritating glare and reflections. The light thrown back from highly reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or wet tarmac, is successfully eliminated.
The filters also compensate for extreme light variations and filter out dangerous light waves up to 400 nanometers, ensuring clear vision at all times. Perception is enhanced in all light conditions, contrasts are intensified and rapid changes from light to dark are harmonized. This helps to counteract visual fatigue and increase concentration levels. The LST™ Polarized Filter maintains natural color perception.

adiZero L a170 6050
Shiny Black frame with LST Active AntiFog lense

LST Active lense with Brightening effect despite high light absorption, enhance contrast vision.
Light Absorption : 85%
Lense Category : 3

- Balances rapid light / shadow changes
- Enhances contrasts
- Improves peripheral vision
- Ensures clear perception of all terrain
- Brightening effect
- Perfect for snow, bike, outdoors, golf and running.

The adidas adiZero L a170, an inspirational, lightweight, closely wrapped sports frame design that has been developed specifically to ensure an unrestricted panoramic view. The a170 is the larger of the two adiZero models, and is recommended as a good fit for large face sizes.

The adiZero is also suitable for people requiring optical corrections, and is available with two prescription glazing options; the a779 optical clip, which attaches firmly to the frame and sits directly behind the tinted sunglasses lenses, or the exciting and highly innovative direct glaze lenses, which are configured to meet the prescription requirements of the individual, tinted to their specification, and then fitted directly into the frame in place of the standard sunglass lenses.

Compromising on nothing there’s 4 reasons that make the adidas eyewear range not just a sport accessory but a true performance product; the VisionFitProtection and Durability concepts.

6 base decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens
Vision Advantage™ PC Lens is extra light and provides best wrap-around view and
Quick-Change Lens System™
Simple, fast but sturdy lens changing feature enabling wearer to adapt eyewear to all lighting and weather conditions.

Double-Snap Nose Pads™
For perfect fitting and protection / extended nose version available.
SPX™/Flex Zones™
SPX™ is an extra-light, breakproof material. Flex Zones™ provide an
extremely comfortable fit.
Traction Grip™
Non slip, pressure free and stable fit. Traction Grip™ provides the necessary flexibility
and wearing comfort.
TRI.FIT™ Temple
The 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8ยบ to find the optimum fit for each wearer. This
also allows for eradication of the sun’s dazzling effects

Vision Advantage PC Lens™
The lightweight Polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection, have strong resistance to impact forces and are of an optical quality 1 level.

Quick-Release Hinge™
This patented release mechanism for the temple hinges free the frame from possible strain or breakage. Temples easily reinserted.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

POC Octal Helmet

 POC Octal Hydrogen White in size L..

The award winning Octal helmet has been engineered to take the next step in road bike helmet safety and offers optimal ventilation, comfort and weighs less than 200 grams (size M, CE-version).

To further improve safety, the Octal provides more coverage and additional protection for the temples and back of the head and the EPS liner is strategically thicker in the most exposed areas.

The fully wrapped unibody shell construction functions as a monocoque and enhances the safety properties and construction integrity of the helmet while maintaining a low weight.

POC has approached ventilation in a unique way and instead of using many small vents, Octal has fewer, but larger, ventilation slots. This ventilation design allows more air to flow through the helmet, which also results in improved aerodynamic performance.

The lightweight size adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit while the Coolbest padding helps reduce the temperature at the interface between the helmet and head.

As a part of the AVIP concept, Octal AVIP comes in high visibility colors, with a reflective sticker kit and with an ICE tag.

- High performance EPS liner, optimized in density.
- Fully wrapped unibody PC shell construction.
- Generously ventilated, using POC's unique ventilation design.
- Size adjustment system.
- Straps molded into liner.
- Temperature regulating Coolbest padding.
- Color combinations and reflective patches for enhanced visibility.
- Eye garage to keep sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet.
- ICE tag included.
- AVIP sticker kit for improved visibility.

Small: 50-56 cm (190 g)
Medium: 54-60 cm (195 g)
Large: 56-62 cm (205 g)

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