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Monday, July 6, 2015

fi’zi:k Kurve Bull saddle

KURVE: a saddle that adapts to your every twist and turn with greater comfort and flexibility.

The results and analysis of extensive research, together with rigorous lab and field tests, has resulted in the choice of a new material for the Re-Flex areas: Kevlar, which provides a superior combination of flexibility and incredible durability.

The Fizik Kurve Bull saddle is designed for people that have a relatively low degree of spinal flexibility. The Kurves comfort is given by the base and the surrounding elements these are formed from four elements; Re:FlexWing FlexMobius RailTuner.

Kurve Bull is for The Bull: Rigid Spine
If you have a relatively low degree of spinal flexibility (more than 90 degrees between your straight legs and back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders’ width apart), you are a Bull. Your degree of Spinal flexibility will top out quite quickly when attempting to adopt the performance position. For this reason you will rotate you pelvis fully. You will benefit from the increased curvature (pelvic support) of the Bull shape.

Saddle comfort is usually given by the shape and foam on top of the base. With Kurve the comfort is given by the base and the surrounding elements. Kurve is formed from four elements; Re:Flex, Wing Flex™, Mobius Rail, Tuner

Re:Flex Base
The entire base of all Kurve saddles is a sensory receptor that responds to the body in motion, mirroring its every twist and turn. The Re-Flex construction is made of thermoplastic composite materials using long filament composites in specific alignments. The result is reactive: the saddle follows the movement of the rider’s contact points, optimizing the interaction between rider and saddle.

Wing Flex™
The Wing Flex™ shell flexes downward in the critical area where the inner thighs contact the saddle. Whether the rider has big or small thighs, or a wide or narrow pelvis, the saddle adapts perfectly to the rider.

Mobius Rail™
The design of the Kurve saddle employs a new type of aluminum supporting rail, The Mobius Rail™. Mobius is a circular rail construction that has no beginning and no end. Made from cold forged 2014-T6 alloy aluminum it provides the rail and shell with greater flexibility and support. Unlike a traditional saddle rail, the potential pressure points caused by the rail insertion areas are eliminated.

There are 2 different tuners – soft and hard. This interchangeable tension system allows the rider to customize their flex. The rider can personalize the saddle tension by simply changing a screw-on insert.

Top Features of the Fizik Kurve Bull Saddle with Alloy Mobius Rails
Shell: Re:Flex Composite with additional Twin Flex™ ‘sweet spots’ and Wing Flex™ for freedom of thigh movement
Rail: Mobius Cold-Forged 2014 Aluminum
Cover: Advanced Elastic Cover
Integrated Clip System: Yes
Length: 265mm
Width: 140mm
Weight: 220g

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