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Friday, September 11, 2015

BBB Select Special Edition

New in box BBB Select Special Edition sport glasses
Chrome frame Blue Tips with 3 sets of lenses
PC Smoke Blue MLC - 14% Light Transmission
PC Yellow - 87%  Light Transmission
PC Clear - 92%  Light Transmission

New in box BBB Select Special Edition sport glasses
Chrome frame Red Tips with 3 sets of lenses
PC Smoke Red MLC - 14% Light Transmission
PC Yellow - 87%  Light Transmission
PC Clear - 92%  Light Transmission

Since introduction the Select has been gaining more fans by the day. It started with the pro riders from BBB sponsored teams and has moved to the roads and rails of this world. The one-piece wraparound lens shape with maximum coverage provides plenty of protection from wind, sun and grit. The customizable options (which can be previewed through BBB Selector app) allow to match team outfits, bikes or personal tastes.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Catlike Kompact'O

SM 51-54cm 220gr
MD 55-58cm 230gr
LG 59-61cm 250gr

It doesn’t matter how the name of this myth evolves as seasons go by. The model that was named just as Kompact when it appeared, continues offering an attractive design. Kompact embodies the philosophy of the brand: compact, secure helmets with reduced volume. Many details have been improved during these years, but the essence of the helmet that was our top of the range stays the same.

With the launch of the Kompact at the end of the 1990's, Catlike set new standards for the future of helmets from all across the world. After more than 20 years of production, the Kompact has remained firmly at the top of its class, ensuring that Carlike has become a force to be reckoned within the bike helmet industry. With a futuristic, head turning design, the Kompact is still very much in style...

This helmet was the basis on which all of the Catlike helmet range has been made. Its unique style and design are what make make of a Catlike product so recognizable. The name Kompact really captures the philosophy behind the brand.

Top Features of the Catlike Kompact'O Cycling Helmets
* 21 Air Intakes for a perfect ventilation
* Dual flow cooling technology
* In-mould technology
* MPS-3D rear retentions system
* Removeable visor

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Uvex Hawk Polar

Uvex Hawk Polar White with 3 sets of lenses:

PC Litemirror Polavision Silver
Light Transmission 43-80%, Protection Level S1
Makes a visible difference, absorbs and filters diffuse light, eliminates annoying reflections. Harsh reflections are transformed into pleasant, perfectly dosed light. Instead of being overstrained, the eye is effectively protected.

PC Litemirror Yellow
Light Transmission 8-18%, Protection Level S3
Mirror technology featuring fashion and function. The lens coating, up to 18 layers thick, does not just look trendy, it also offers complete protection against infrared light. Harmful IR rays are effectively reflected and kept away from the eye.

PC Litemirror Clear
Light Transmission 43-80%, Protection Level S1
Protects against drafts, insects and particles Good vision at night and in the dark.
Keeps infrared radiation away.

All-round sport glasses with lens changing system and optically absolutely correct lenses!

All uvex sports glasses lenses are made of Makrolon®, the high-tech polycarbonate from Bayer. The material Makrolon® gets a high transparency, a high impact-resistance and is practically unbreakable. Due to the excellent material purity and characteristics uvex sports glasses are meeting optical quality standards. Makrolon® lenses even withstand the impact test in the laboratory, where a rock fall of nearly 600 km/h is simulated.

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

adidas Originals Manchester ah60

adidas Manchester ah60 6053

The Manchester sunglasses take their design cues from classic '80s vintage eyewear and modern urban architecture. These lightweight, high-quality frames are fitted with scratch-resistant lenses that offer UV 400 protection.
- RXO™ optical correction available
- Polycarbonate lens for 100% UV protection
- Scratch and impact resistant

Gold Shiny frame with Green Polarized lense
One key feature of adidas eyewear lenses is the combination of Light Stabilizing Technology™ with polarized filter technology, giving the eyes maximum protection and reducing fatigue. The special filters protect the wearer’s eyes effectively from light reflected off surfaces such as water, ice and snow.
The special filters have a protection level of 3 and provide 88% light absorption. They protect the wearer’s eyes from irritating glare and reflections. The light thrown back from highly reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or wet tarmac, is successfully eliminated.
The filters also compensate for extreme light variations and filter out dangerous light waves up to 400 nanometers, ensuring clear vision at all times. Perception is enhanced in all light conditions, contrasts are intensified and rapid changes from light to dark are harmonized. This helps to counteract visual fatigue and increase concentration levels. The LST™ Polarized Filter maintains natural color perception.

Bridge Width (mm.): 13
Lens Width (mm.): 63
Total Lens Width (in.): 5.5
Arm Length (mm.): 135

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