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Sunday, September 6, 2015

adidas Originals Manchester ah60

adidas Manchester ah60 6053

The Manchester sunglasses take their design cues from classic '80s vintage eyewear and modern urban architecture. These lightweight, high-quality frames are fitted with scratch-resistant lenses that offer UV 400 protection.
- RXO™ optical correction available
- Polycarbonate lens for 100% UV protection
- Scratch and impact resistant

Gold Shiny frame with Green Polarized lense
One key feature of adidas eyewear lenses is the combination of Light Stabilizing Technology™ with polarized filter technology, giving the eyes maximum protection and reducing fatigue. The special filters protect the wearer’s eyes effectively from light reflected off surfaces such as water, ice and snow.
The special filters have a protection level of 3 and provide 88% light absorption. They protect the wearer’s eyes from irritating glare and reflections. The light thrown back from highly reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or wet tarmac, is successfully eliminated.
The filters also compensate for extreme light variations and filter out dangerous light waves up to 400 nanometers, ensuring clear vision at all times. Perception is enhanced in all light conditions, contrasts are intensified and rapid changes from light to dark are harmonized. This helps to counteract visual fatigue and increase concentration levels. The LST™ Polarized Filter maintains natural color perception.

Bridge Width (mm.): 13
Lens Width (mm.): 63
Total Lens Width (in.): 5.5
Arm Length (mm.): 135

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