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Monday, September 7, 2015

Uvex Hawk Polar

Uvex Hawk Polar White with 3 sets of lenses:

PC Litemirror Polavision Silver
Light Transmission 43-80%, Protection Level S1
Makes a visible difference, absorbs and filters diffuse light, eliminates annoying reflections. Harsh reflections are transformed into pleasant, perfectly dosed light. Instead of being overstrained, the eye is effectively protected.

PC Litemirror Yellow
Light Transmission 8-18%, Protection Level S3
Mirror technology featuring fashion and function. The lens coating, up to 18 layers thick, does not just look trendy, it also offers complete protection against infrared light. Harmful IR rays are effectively reflected and kept away from the eye.

PC Litemirror Clear
Light Transmission 43-80%, Protection Level S1
Protects against drafts, insects and particles Good vision at night and in the dark.
Keeps infrared radiation away.

All-round sport glasses with lens changing system and optically absolutely correct lenses!

All uvex sports glasses lenses are made of Makrolon®, the high-tech polycarbonate from Bayer. The material Makrolon® gets a high transparency, a high impact-resistance and is practically unbreakable. Due to the excellent material purity and characteristics uvex sports glasses are meeting optical quality standards. Makrolon® lenses even withstand the impact test in the laboratory, where a rock fall of nearly 600 km/h is simulated.

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