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Friday, December 4, 2015

Briko Endure Pro Team

Briko Endure Pro Team in Pink Racing stripes..

The only series with the PRO Team matching colours. The lens has a unique shape, cut to the highest protection in high speed and the best ventilation guaranteed by the side air ducts with 15% increase surface.
The Endure Pro sunglasses are great for cycling, running and all endurance sports. At only 25 grams, the frame and lenses are light weight and extremely strong and flexible for maximum protection and visibility, ergonomically designed to wrap the head without touching..

Thrama Active 4000 AF
Light transmission: 11%, Filter category: 3
With Anti-Fog treatment,
A high contrast filter in which the comfort is enhanced by a select thin-film multilayer surface reflection of the characteristic cobalt effect.
Ideal use: Sport and free time with intense light.

Thrama Plus 80 AF
Light Transmission 80%, Filter Category 0
With Anti-Fog treatment,
Born for competition use, has features that make it ideal in extreme situations related to competition. Significantly reduces the reaction time improving athletic performance and safety.
Ideal use with low visibility: Fog, haze and flat light.

Technical Specifications:
- Grilamid techno-polymer Frame with extremely high break resistance
- Mask base: B7 Certified THRAMA®
- Lenses with air ducts for supreme ventilation
- Lenses with anti fog and mirroring treatment
- Anti-swat pad
- Adjustable ultra grip soft nose pad
- Ultra grip soft arm end tips
- 25 grams
- Metallic logo

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