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Thursday, June 30, 2016

adidas Nuada a372

new in box adidas Nuada (a372 6055)
Havanna frame with LST Golf lense

The adidas Nuada are lifestyle sunglasses combining modern and retro design. Manufactured using a material called SPX, an extra light break-proof material with unbeatable durability. SPX is also resistant to extreme temperatures and very flexible. The adidas Nuada also offers a Traction Grip System in the temples to provide a secure, yet pressure free fit, keeping these Adidas sunglasses in place.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

adidas Gazelle L

New in box adidas Gazelle L a123 6117
Pearl Brown Ivory with LST Blue Light Filter lense

LST™ Bluelightfilter
Blue Light Filter 95%
Light Absorption 90%
Filter Category 3
Excellent eye protection against dangerous, high-energy blue light
Balances rapid light/shadow changes
Improves peripheral vision
High contrast vision, especially important in mountain conditions
Perfect for outdoors and snow.

  • Patented 8-Base Masters PC filter.
  • Double-Snap nose bridge® provide 2 level of adjustment to suit the wearer.
  • TriFit® Temple with 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8degree to find the optimum fit.
  • Wrap-Around® Technic provide widest field of vision as well as a snug fit and assurance it will not dismount.
  • Made from SPX®, and extra-light break-proof material with durability and resistant to exreme temperatures.
  • Curve TractionGrip® intregrated into the ear temples providing a non-slip, pressure-free and stable fit. Suitable on running, cycling or other sports.
  • Rather than the frame getting damage, the QuickRelease Hinge® release temples under exertion of impact force.This patented release mechanism for temple hinges free the frame from possible strain or breakage.
  • Decentered Vision Advantage Lense® enables extremely curved lense while still providing distortion-free vision.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

adidas OnPar II L

new in box adidas On Par II L  
Chrome Black frame (6052) with LST Golf lense.
LST-Golf lense for All-Day solar protection.
Shade Factor 3 with 84% Light Absorption.

The adidas On Par II L is Rx ready and as such, will accommodate the performance insert (a779).

Compromising on nothing there’s 4 reasons that make the adidas eyewear range not just a sport accessory but a true performance product; the VisionFitProtection and Durability concepts.

6 base decentered Vision Advantage™ PC Lens
Vision Advantage™ PC Lens is extra light and provides best wrap-around view and
Clima Cool™
The air is directed in a way, that it is not intrusive or disturbs your eye sight.

Double-Snap Nose Pads™
For perfect fitting and protection / extended nose version available.
SPX™/Flex Zones™
SPX™ is an extra-light, breakproof material. Flex Zones™ provide an
extremely comfortable fit.
Traction Grip™
Non slip, pressure free and stable fit. Traction Grip™ provides the necessary flexibility
and wearing comfort.
TRI.FIT™ Temple
The 3 level height adjustment adapts by 8ยบ to find the optimum fit for each wearer. This
also allows for eradication of the sun’s dazzling effects

Vision Advantage PC Lens™
The lightweight Polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection, have strong resistance to impact forces and are of an optical quality 1 level.
Quick-Change Lens System™
Simple, fast but sturdy lens changing feature enabling wearer to adapt eyewear to all lighting and weather conditions.

Quick-Release Hinge™
This patented release mechanism for the temple hinges free the frame from possible strain or breakage. Temples easily reinserted.

    Thursday, June 16, 2016

    oakley Sliver

    oakley Sliver Fingerprint Collection
    White Fingerprint frame with Black Iridium lense

    A timeless sleek design made even more lightweight with sculptural reliefs on the earstems, Sliver™ takes advantage of our durable yet gravity-defying O Matter™ frame material while letting innovative technologies like XYZ Optics® throw their weight around.

    Frame Fit - Standard Fit
    Lens Width57 mm
    Bridge Width18 mm
    Lens Height42 mm
    Temple Arm Length140 mm

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    Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    oakley Triggerman

    oakley Triggerman Asian Fit
    Black Ink frame with Violet Iridium lense

    Violet Iridium
    Light Transmission : 14%
    Light Conditions     : Bright Light
    Contrast                   : Neutral
    Base Lens Color      : Violet

    The industrial design language of Oakley’s renowned X Metal® eyewear is now available in frames made of lightweight O Matter™, and they come with distinctive center-frame styling and component architecture with bolt mount accents at the sides of the lower rim.

    Lens Width - 56 mm
    Bridge Width - 20 mm
    Lens Height - 39 mm
    Temple Arm - 141 mm

    Getting the right fit is essential for comfort, protection, and even optical performance. You may have heard industry terms like “European Fit” and “Asian Fit”. If sunglasses tend to sit too low on your face or slide down your nose, touch at your temples or cheeks, or feel narrow at the sides of your head, try out Asian Fit. The tabs below show all the technology oakley put into making these frames fit with perfection.

    The bridge is narrowed and deepened, and longer pad mounts are used on certain frames to give you more room for adjustment.

    Nose Pads

    Asian Fit eyewear takes advantage of specially sized nose pads to help the frame sit higher on the face and stay comfortably in place.

    The ear stems are more rounded to better match the shape of the head and ensure a comfortably secure fit.

    FrameCurvature across the front is reduced to prevent the frame from touching at the cheeks and temples.

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