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Saturday, October 29, 2016

ZeroRH+ Nauta

ZeroRH+ Nauta

Matte Black frame with CarlZeiss Vision lense
Adjustable nose pads and tips for added performance
69 11 130

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lazer Quantum Q1

Lazer Quantum Q1
Gloss White Grey

The Quantum series are the podium eyewear from Lazer. The more fashionable style make them less suiting for long rides, but perfect for city riding.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tifosi Vogel 2.0

New in box Tifosi Vogel 2.0 in Matte Carbon
GT lense with 16.4% Light Transmission

The Vogel 2.0 has evolved and adapted to the ever-changing market. Built for sports and leisure, Vogel 2.0 offers both a sleek design and technical features to enhance the performance.

Made of Grilamid TR-90, a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage. Adjustable hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a non-slip, customizable and comfortable fit.

All Tifosi Optics eyewear provides 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Weight: 25 grams

Lense Width: 127mm
Lense Height: 43mm
Temple Length: 128mm

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nike Run X2 S

Nike Run X2 S
EV0802-056 PH
Matte Black frame with Cave Purple rubber

Nike Max Transitions Speed lense
Direct sunlight and the harsh light reflected off asphalt is tiring and damaging to the eyes and body. Enhances the spectrum of red light and omits blue light. This results in reduced harsh reflective light and more relaxing light to enhance your run.
- Engineered specifically for road surfaces
- Cut down the harsh reflected brightness on the road
- Relax eyes and body. enhances thr run
- The Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint shifts from 13% visual light transmission to 49.7%

The Nike Run X2 Sunglasses are the ultimate running sunglasses. They are made with a lightweight, adjustable frame for personalised comfort on the track, trail or road/ Secure-wrap temples provide a snug fit over any distance.

Nike Max Optics for precise vision from every angle
Deep lens cut for maximum coverage
Adjustable, ventilated nose bridge for comfort and reduced fogging
Interchangeable lenses available to match any light condition
Lightweight nylon frame for comfort, flexibility and durability
Adjustable secure-wrap temples for a custom fit that maximizes stability
Silicone nose bridge and temples

Lens: 69 mm x 11 mm
Bridge: 12 mm
Arm Length: 130 mm
Frame Width: 135 mm

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

RudyProject Fotonyk

RudyProject Fotonyk LTD
White Gloss frame with Multilaser Orange + Transparent lense

RudyProject Fotonyk
Matte Black frame with Smoke Lense

Performance empowered. Two years of intense research with the world’s top athletes and countless hours of design have culminated in Rudy Project’s latest performance sunglasses: the Fotonyk cutting-edge features, superior comfort, and breathtaking design have been seamlessly merged together into one masterpiece.

The Fotonyk contains a multitude of technologies, but the most distinctive feature is the new ‘Bumpers’ system. Crafted from a soft and resilient polymer, the bumpers offer enhanced protection to the face during falls or impacts, all while offering a customizable and unique look. Independently mounted on the frame and secured with a smart lock system, the bumpers can be removed to create a half-rim lens with an unobstructed view. Bumpers are available in a array of colors, and are interchangeable for individual style.

The Fotonyk boasts an ultra-light yet robust design, which features air channels strategically placed at the top of the lens where heat accumulates during activity. Building upon Rudy Project’s award-winning ‘Vent Controller’ system, users can easily manage the internal airflow with a single click up or down of the lens, bringing their comfort experience to a whole new level. Air circulates in and out through large vents inside the temples, which ensures reduced aerodynamic drag and optimized fog control. These frames additionally feature the new Ergonose X, allowing the user to adjust the nosepiece for any face shape.

Always at the peak of optical science, Rudy Project is committed to deliver unsurpassed visual performance. The Fotonyk is available with many lens configurations including ImpactX®, the world’s most advanced photochromic lens technology, engineered to ensure unbeatable eye protection.
Need RX? The Fotonyk is also available with high-tech prescription solutions such as the all-new Optical Dock, capable of high strength corrections in a sturdy removable platform.

The bumpers are colorful rubber inserts conceived to maximize your safety in the event of crush or knocks. Plus, the Bumpers are integrated with the easy-to-open frame Vent Controller to prevent fogging and ensure perfect ventilation. The bumpers are available in different colors, what better opportunity to customize your own sunglasses!

Adjustable nose pieces are outstandingly comfortable and offer an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system can also be used to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting.

No more misting, only crystal-clear vision. Our registered Vent Controller™ controls lens entry points airflow to reduce thermal shock and prevent misting, thus ensuring perfect vision and comfortable ventilation.

Rudy Project is a leading name in research and development in fully advanced helmets and sunglasses for complete fall protections.
We are committed to providing superior safety through integrated hinges and soft, thermoplastic elastomers, which prevent injuries in the event of falls, impact and collisions.

Rudy Project uses Grilamid®, a shock-resistant, hypoallergenic, high-quality, light thermoplastic for its stability, flexibility and durability.

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