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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nike Run X2 S

Nike Run X2 S
EV0802-056 PH
Matte Black frame with Cave Purple rubber

Nike Max Transitions Speed lense
Direct sunlight and the harsh light reflected off asphalt is tiring and damaging to the eyes and body. Enhances the spectrum of red light and omits blue light. This results in reduced harsh reflective light and more relaxing light to enhance your run.
- Engineered specifically for road surfaces
- Cut down the harsh reflected brightness on the road
- Relax eyes and body. enhances thr run
- The Nike Max Transitions Speed Tint shifts from 13% visual light transmission to 49.7%

The Nike Run X2 Sunglasses are the ultimate running sunglasses. They are made with a lightweight, adjustable frame for personalised comfort on the track, trail or road/ Secure-wrap temples provide a snug fit over any distance.

Nike Max Optics for precise vision from every angle
Deep lens cut for maximum coverage
Adjustable, ventilated nose bridge for comfort and reduced fogging
Interchangeable lenses available to match any light condition
Lightweight nylon frame for comfort, flexibility and durability
Adjustable secure-wrap temples for a custom fit that maximizes stability
Silicone nose bridge and temples

Lens: 69 mm x 11 mm
Bridge: 12 mm
Arm Length: 130 mm
Frame Width: 135 mm

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