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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nike Vaporwing

Nike Vaporwing R  EV0914-001
Matte Black frame with Speed Tint Uml Red Flash Lens

The Nike Vaporwing Sunglasses fuse the newest advances in lens materials with aerodynamic angles. The result is an incredibly streamlined and lightweight design that provides additional coverage and sharp, clear vision in all conditions.

The nose pad and temple arms are flexible and self-adjust to the shape of your face for a comfortable, personalized fit.

Soft rubber channels on the inside of the temple arms increase airflow, wick away sweat, and prevent slipping as the skin heats up.

Nike + Zeiss Optics provide extraordinary clarity for uninterrupted scope of vision and accurate perception.

Nike + Zeiss Optics provide extraordinary clarity and perception
Ventilated, self-adjusting nose bridge provides an individualized fit
Super-lightweight, aerodynamic combined lens-frame reduces wind resistance
Rubber channels in temple arms increase airflow and grip
Ventilated temple arms prevent fogging and moisture accumulation
Nike Flying Lens reduces fogging by allowing air to circulate around the lens

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