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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

POC DO Half Blade

POC DO Half Blade 10 year anniversary collection
Unobtanium Yellow with Black lense + Clear lense

The Do Half Blade has been developed for road cycling and is injected in grilamid for low weight and durability. It allows for great flexibility with the option to change your lens according to the conditions. The rubber inserts and the adjustable nose piece in hydrophilic rubber keeps the frame firmly in place.

Do Half Blade offers improved lower and peripheral vision due to the frameless bottom part, which improves safety in traffic and allows you to keep track of other riders in the peloton. Several lens tints are optimized for road bike, increasing contrasts on the road surface, helping you to spot irregularities, holes and gravel in time. The anti-fog and ripel treatments help keeping fog, dirt and grime off your lenses and makes water pearl off.

FRAME - Unobtanium Yellow
Hydrophilic rubber
Interchangable lens, clear spare lens included

Polycarbonate lens with neutral tint that reduces the sun glare. Good for bright conditions and extended use. Antifog treated. The Ripel treatment helps keeping fog, dirt and grime off lenses and makes water pearl off.
Lense Black 10.0
Activity specific tint - Daily
Light Condition - Bright Sun
Treatments - Ripel, Anti-fog
VLT 10.0%
Lens Category - 3
Lens type - PC lens by Carl Zeiss Vision

Lense Clear 90.0
Activity Specific Tint: Road
Light Conditions: Low visibility
Lens Treatment: Ripel, Anti-fog
VLT 90.0%
Lens Category - 0
Lens type - PC lens by Carl Zeiss Vision

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