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Monday, September 4, 2017

adidas Excalate a428

adidas Excalate a428 6055
Sun Glow Shiny frame with LST Active Silver lense

adidas Excalate a428 6057
Green Glow Shiny frame with LSA Active Silver lense

The fashion designers and sports engineers at Adidas use their expertise and innovative thinking to design eyewear made to improve an athlete's performance and ensure that they do it in style.
Blurring the line between performance and lifestyle, the Excalate sunglasses deliver stylish frames with clear vision no matter the occasion. Offered in a wide variety of fresh colours and advanced mirror lenses to coordinate.

Vision Advantage™ polycarbonate lens
Double-Snap Nose Pads™
SPX® frame
Traction Grip™
Compatible with prescription lenses

Increases visibility in foggy and cloudy conditions.
Light transmission: 16%
Lens category: 3

LST works like a color equalizer, enhancing the perception of pure primary colors. This results in an improved color perception and high contrast vision.
Perfect for sports that takes you in and out of shaded areas.

• less eye stress and better vision for sport
• constant, high contrast vision
• improved natural color perception
• enhancement of details and contours
• equal light harmonization
• reducing light to a comfortable level

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