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Friday, March 23, 2018

Bollé 5th Element Pro

Bollé 5th Element Pro •  12072
Matte Black/Pink frame with Modulator Photochromic Rose Gun Oleo AF lense

Modulator Rose Gun Photochromic
Enhanced Contrast, with Filter Category 2-3
35 - 9% Light Transmission, with 78-93% Filtered Blue Light
Rose lens with light silver mirror, increases contrast and brightens color

5th Element has everything going for cyclists : ultra-light, a maximized field of view in a racing position and an optimized fit thanks to the B-Shape technology and the adjustable nose pads and temples. The side plaque added in the pro version improves the protection of the cyclist and his aerodynamism.

B-MAX Extra Large Field of view
A unique featuring aerodynamic design of air flow and a frame shaped to maximize breadth of vision – horizontal and particularly the vertical field for checking road conditions - whatever your position on the bike.

B-SHAPE flexible rubber temples for a perfect fit
The flexible rubber inside the temples increases the area of contact with the skin, ensuring the best hold for your sunglasses and perfect adaptation to the shape of your face.

The temple tips, nose pads and adjustable nosepiece are all made from our proprietary Thermogrip®. This hydrophilic material has moisture–absorbing properties that keep the frames comfortably in place, even during extreme exertion.

Adjustable nosepiece and temples
The shape and angle of the multi-plane nosepiece can be adjusted to accommodate any nose bridge for a truly custom fit. NOSE PADS - The hypoallergenic and durable nose pads can be tailored for a custom fit, giving you additional control and comfort

B-CLEAR NXT lenses
B-Clear lenses offer unrivaled optical quality. Lighter than polycarbonate, these lenses allow for larger designs and fuller coverage - giving you enhanced protection from the elements without the added weight that can slow you down.

The Modulator™ lens works on a molecular level to lighten and darken, giving you the optimal light transmission and adaptation for any environment. Our photochromic lenses have dyes embedded in mass and internally, confined close to the front surface of the lens. With this technology, the photochromic function will not wear out.

Oleophobic treatment on the outside of the lens. Forget about dirt, grease and waterspots, this coating stops it before it sticks to the lenses and causes a distraction.

No fogging on the eyewear under any circumstance. Not only repels the fog that clouds the vision but is simply revived by an application of moisture.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ergon SMA3-M Saddle

Ergon SMA3-M Sport saddle
SMA3 MTB All-Mountain Series

The Allrounder - Perfect balance between performance and comfort.
No more saddle pain! Even those riders who are not spending a lot of time on the saddle when riding can now enjoy being seated on the bike with this new saddle series. A pronounced relief channel and orthopedic saddle foam provide that extra bit of desired comfort. Despite the outstanding fit properties of the SMA3, the design was also enhanced for unlimited downhill runs. Featuring silicone infused side flanks on the seat cover, all movements on and around the saddle are frictionless and allow for seamless transitions on and over the bike by the rider. Uphill Chill. Downhill Thrill.

Developed with Freeride Legend Richie Schley, the SMA3 offers the perfect combination of performance and comfort for all mtb riding styles. The flat and narrow sloping rear allows for fast and smooth changes between downhill and seated positions.
The relief channel offers increased protection of the soft-tissue areas, providing many enjoyable hours in the saddle. The CNC machined orthopedic AirCell foam distributes pressure and gives enhanced support. Cover Edge Protection and the Microfiber surface enhance the durability of the SMA3.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Briko Jumper

New in box Briko Jumper with Thrama Active 4000 lense.
Collectible item with box and soft case and brow sweat pad add-on.

Thrama Active 4000
The Thrama® system is based on the fundamental concept of transmittance, that is on light selection filtering techniques aimed at drastically reducing visual “noise” (diffused light) and intensifying the “signal” in order to optimize visual information. The Thrama® system can filter the first three primary colors in the visible light spectrum (blue –green-red, wave-length of 400 to 700 mm) in different percentages, thus increasing the chromatic contrast and optimizing the image perception in the fundamental visual receptors present in the central retina. Furthermore, it ensures total protection from UV rays thanks to special additives that can neutralize UVA and UVB rays up to the threshold of visibility (400 mm).

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

oakley Nanoclear Hydrophobic Lense Cleaner Kit

Product Code: 07-313

You’ve got your hands on the world’s best eyewear. Now take vision beyond the limit.
Nanoclear™ Lens Cleaner + Hydrophobic is a complete kit to clean oakley lenses and give them a specially engineered coating in one step. The coating prevents water from leaving streaks and sheens that can corrupt the vision, and it creates a smudge-resistant barrier that repels skin oils and lotions, so keeping the lenses clean will be a whole lot easier.

Just run the marker tip across the entire lens surface, wait 30 seconds then buff it lightly with the included Microclear™ cloth. That’s all there is to it. The cleaning/coating solution won’t diminish the clarity of Oakley’s performance lenses, and it’s perfectly compatible with lenses that Iridium® coating. Special formulated Nanoclear™ compatible with all lens and frame materials, use it with any type of eyewear. Each kit is good for about 50 applications.

*Not compatible with snow goggles or anti-fog treated lenses.

Oakley Nanoclear™ lens cleaner “pen” with Hydrophobic designed for up to 50 applications
Simple single stage application with convenient “pen” applicator and streak free Microclear™ cleaning cloth
Specially formulated Hydrophobic solution not only cleans lenses but also repels dirt, water and oils without affecting the optical precision and clarity of Oakley”s performance lenses
Oakley Hydrophobic treated lenses exhibit anti smudge properties making lenses much easier and faster to clean
Oakley Nano-Clear lens treatment is compatible with Iridium™
Oakley Nanoclear™ lens treatment can be used on any type of eyewear

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Briko Nitrotech

Briko Nitrotech
Silver frame with Green Ultralight lense

Sports eyewear from Briko that weighs just 17 grams.
The lightness of the Nitrotech is made possible by B-Soul technology, first used in Formula One and applied exclusively by Briko for Nitrotech, Nitrotrace and Nitrospeed.

It is a procedure whereby injected Nitrogeno compresses the Grilamid against the sides of the mold to create an air chamber inside the frame, making it lighter and also more flexible and more resistant to mechanical stress.

Ultralight B-Soul technology frame
Distortion-free Spazio wraparound lense technology
Non-allergenic B-Light nosepiece and temple sleeves
Replaceable brow pad
Rx compatible

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