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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rudy Project Tralyx XL

RudyProject Tralyx XL
Black Matt frame with ImpactX2 Photochromic Black lense

Changes from clear to black.
Luminous Transmittance 74% - 9%
Filter Category 1 - 3

Building on ImpactX technology and after years of laboratory research and field tests with professional athletes, Rudy Project is today proud to introduce ImpactX 2 , a new array of technical lenses perfected with unparalleled cutting- edge photochromic particles, providing unique climatic management technology: getting dark from low to high light transmission within few seconds and tailored to reach a custom color from an initial clear state, ImpactX 2 lenses will enhance contrast , even in darker conditions, they will improve visual acuity and depth perception while providing unparalleled eye protection.

activate from a clear to a specific colored state
activate faster, up to 25% added photochromic speed
activate behind the windows or behind the automobile windshield (new pigment packet sensitive to both light and UV rays)
are more stable to temperatures, up to 20% improvement
have a wider photochromic range, up to 65% performance
boast the new innovative High Dynamic Range technology (HDR™)
for higher contrast definition, superior visual perception and sharper image*
delivers a higher ultraviolet transmission absorbance

Literally sculpted by the wind, the Tralyx™ redefines the pinnacle of eyewear bike technology. With its entirely new geometry package, unique and powerful dynamic design language.

For those with smaller faces where large shield-style sunglasses are typically too large, the Tralyx will also be offered in the Tralyx SX model with a shorter lens profile. This powerful and dynamic design takes Rudy Project a step forward into the future, while building upon 30 years of technical innovation in the eyewear industry. With brand new features such as the unique PowerFlow™ ventilation system, Adaptive Tips™, and the latest Ergonose™ IX nosepiece, the Tralyx™ is an absolute show stopper. This sunglass is also available with ImpactX-2 lenses, Rudy Project's most durable photochromic lenses.

Vents have been scientifically incorporated through the entire chassis to enhance air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency and without disturbing vision.
Employing uniquely designed air flow vents, the Tralyx and Tralyx SX keep you protected while managing the air flow through the frame to combat fogging.

Patented Quick Insert Technology
SV total power not to exceed -7 / +4
FR 39 00 00 | 80

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